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15/52 – Celebrate

April 15, 2012

15/52 - Celebrate

As I was putting together the Doodle’s first year video, I was struck by the final two segments shot in the days leading up to her first birthday. My newborn who had months ago morphed into a baby had morphed again. This time she had transformed right beneath my gaze into a toddler.

This transformation was duly checked off as being complete yesterday during our grocery shopping trip. The Doodle was strapped into the front of the cart as I was placing the week’s haul of produce, meat and other prepackaged goods into grocery bags.

With the cart full loaded, I had to take my eyes off of her for a moment to pay.  In the time that it took me to remove my debit card from my wallet and punch in a few keys, she had stealthily managed to reach over from her perch to open a container of strawberries, swipe a large red berry from the top and began to snack away.  I turned to be greeted by a mischievous red berry grin.

Today, Doodle, we celebrate your launch into toddlerdom.

I recreated the strawberry scenario to take a few photos.

Going for another strawberry

She wasn’t content to simply stick with the one berry I gave to her, so she helped herself to another.  Two strawberries are definitely better than one.

The second sign of the Doodle’s arrival into the realm of toddlerdom has been the transition to day care and the acquisition of her first backpack.  Is it not the cutest thing ever?

The backpack may be overkill, but we couldn’t resist.  It also serves a functional purpose.  Since we have to cart her diapers, milk and food back and forth to day care every day, we can just pop these into one back.  And make the baby carry it.  While we carry her, of course 😉

2 Comments leave one →
  1. April 15, 2012 3:21 pm

    She’s very cute!!

  2. April 16, 2012 7:43 pm

    LOVE THE BACKPACK! And she is SO adorable 🙂

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