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16/52 – Reflection

April 22, 2012

16/52 - Reflection

Some weeks you just have to go for the low hanging fruit.  I returned to work this week after a year-long mat leave, to a new job at that, and this week has been all about adjustment, survival and momentum with only the slightest dash of reflection.

A year ago we had a newborn in our arms and we were struggling with breastfeeding, learning new routines, and figuring out the ins and outs of how to work with this baby who had been in the world for only four weeks.

She was an appendage then, and is still somewhat today as she wants to be very close after her independent days at daycare, only now she can toddle around the house and is starting to communicate with us.

I picked up my camera and pulled out a mirror because I didn’t want to miss a week of this photo challenge.  I didn’t want to look back on this project a year later to note that it was incomplete.  That would be the irony of prematurely ending a project on the week that was themed reflection.

I tried really hard to take a photo with mirror, only I didn’t have enough time to get it right.  I shot 20 or so pictures in 2 minutes and none of them was really all that good.  Oh well.

This we love, however.  Otto, I and the kids got the Doodle a wheely bug for her birthday.  She was a little unsure of it at first.  She didn’t really fancy it.  But now that she’s figured out how it works, she climbs on all by herself and wheels around and around and around.  Forward and backwards on her own, and she likes it even more when someone else takes her for a ride.

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  1. April 25, 2012 10:25 pm

    Very cute!

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