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7/52 – Simplicity

March 2, 2014

7/52 - Simplicity
Naps are becoming somewhat of a relic around these parts.  We do quiet time when we can, and for now, I’m just happy when she stays in her room and self-entertains for an hour. On the rarest of occasions, she somehow manages to put herself to sleep.

It’s hard to find the perfect amount of sleep for this kid.  She’s a night owl, and if her biorhythm could trump over the schedule demanded by a preschooler’s life, she’d be up until 10pm every night and still be cozy in her bed until 9 or 10 am.  Her body seems to strive for the most basic 10-11 hours sleep at night.

No matter what we do with a nap, push it earlier or later, make it shorter or longer, we haven’t found the perfect schedule yet. I’d give anything to have her in bed by 8 or 9pm each night, without having an hour-long go-to-sleep routine that involves our active presence for the entire time. I think bedtime should start to be, relatively speaking, a mostly DIY endeavor.

The thing is, when she’s not asleep by 9-ish, we know the morning is going to be quite tricky.  When sleep doesn’t come until 10pm or later, we’re guaranteed to have a more difficult time waking up the preschooler than the two teenagers.  And she’s a total bear at that.

Actually, what’s really the problem is the schedule and the fact that we can’t let her body’s wishes dominate.

On the days that she skips her nap, sometimes she is a tired mess by dinner time. What this looks like is melodrama of tween proportions. Tears. Tantrums. And hitting people.

When this happened on Friday, no nap and melodrama, she fell asleep in my lap at 7pm.  While that was lovely, we know it’s dangerous, because she wakes up and has a party from 3-5am.

It’s her brain. It’s go go go. She can’t get it to be calm and quiet. She struggles to slow down and fall asleep, even when her body wants it, she revs it up into the most dangerously wild second wind.  She’s like a little tornado whipping through the house.

The Doodle want to live. Sleep is for chumps.

We try to balance teaching her to be self-sufficient in this area, and giving her a little extra help when need be.

After 1.5 hours of quiet time and no nap, we opted to help her along. We knew it would cost us on bedtime and the next morning, but having a pleasant Sunday afternoon seemed more important at that exact moment in time.

Thankfully it was one of those warm-ish winter days,and no amount of bumpity-bump and snow slush crushing, could keep her awake. She basked in the most simple of late afternoon winter stroller naps.

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  1. March 2, 2014 2:21 pm

    Wow, goodness, sounds like quite the battle you have going on there! I’m thrilled we don’t really have this problem yet – but we still do the naps, I am not looking forward to when naps become a relic in our house!

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