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4/52 – Busy

January 27, 2014

4/52 - Busy

Go, go, go. Finding ways to make the mundane ritual of daily activity exciting and fresh to engage the baby who is now a bonafide kid.

Life before kids meant you could eat your eggs on a Saturday morning without having a dance party.  But getting your wiggles out does make it easier to dip your toast into your eggs. I’m sure of it.

I love these two monkeys so, so, so, so much.  I also appreciate their never ending patience in being the subject of my photography practice.

Toddler with iPad

Maybe this picture captures the theme better, but I realize that I can’t have a year of pictures that only capture the Doodle.

This kid loves the iPad. Her Nana and Papa bought her a leap frog for Christmas, but it’s a little bit above her yet, and not nearly as slick as the apps on the iPad.  She’s really an iPad monster. While it’s password protected, if you leave it unlocked for just a moment, she swipes it and takes over.

“Hey you! Swiper no swipping,” I’ll shout aloud as she laughs with glee.

It’s amazing to watch how intuitive kids are with this technology. She knows how to navigate to her apps, how to find her favourite songs, and how to get into all sorts of trouble. She’s called a few people, typed a few messages, and taken lots of photos of her finger.

But my favourite thing is to watch her watch herself.  As a toddler, she loved for us to put on a photo slideshow with music.  Now she self serves and watches video after video of herself.  It’s incredible how much these random short clips of film play in the development of her sense of self. She loves to watch herself. But even more when the video involves her with someone who is a big part of her world.

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  1. mamaandmummy permalink
    February 19, 2014 4:55 pm

    How cute are those two eating their breakfast? 🙂 Juju is just the same with videos of herself. She can spend hours watching videos on my phone. So silly. Sometimes I feel sad that she won’t remember things from this age (like our wedding) but I love that they’re preserved as videos for her, and in a way those videos will become her memories.

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