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2/52 – Surprise

January 13, 2014

2/52 - Surprise

We weren’t sure how she’d react to getting a sewing machine for Christmas. She seemed to like to like it, but the glee was nowhere as near intense as the utter elation last year when she received tickets and a trip to Toronto to see Lindsay Sterling. For two weeks in sat in its box, untouched.

Then one day it came out, and in a flurry of activity over a 24-hour period, she designed, constructed and created an entire costume.

The project started out with only a vest, and when that was completed to her satisfaction, she decided she needed a dress to go with the vest.  All day long the noises of the house were punctuated with the hum of the sewing machine.  It’s whir was occasionally punctuated with an, “ahhh…no…no…no,” followed by a very large sigh.  She kept on going. Driven by the desire to wear her creation to school on Monday morning.



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  1. January 26, 2014 1:25 pm

    Fingers crossed!

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