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1/52 – Balance

January 6, 2014

1/52 - Balance

Balance is life captured outside of the photo frame.

Today was supposed to be the first day back at preschool, only the -40 temperatures caused a pipe to burst and flood the school, so it instead became an impromptu sick day.  Two weeks of Christmas holidays extended by a day. I was the one without fixed meetings scheduled, so I stayed home to parent the Doodle while Otto went in to the office. Which was a good thing because outside of the house freezing rain fell from the sky and only one of our two vehicles is suitable for driving safely in those sorts of road conditions.

While I worked from home for a few hours in the morning, the Doodle got her fill of Caillou and other assorted kid television shows on the iPad.  We sat side by side on the couch with our respective electronics balancing work and parenting, laptops and iPads.

The frigid weather kept us indoors over most of the holidays, but I never did get the chance to introduce the Doodle to the glory that is the Sound of Music. After lunch we snuggled on the couch under soft blankies with the fireplace on while I sung along with Julie Andrews.  She was on-key, I was off-key, and the Doodle smiled. We made to the part where the Barnoness gets Maria to leave before the Doodle lost interest.

We needed a change of scenery.  My toddler indoor activity idea bank was dry. The Doodle was getting crabby, irritable and completely uncooperative. I needed the best redirect I could possibly muster, or any redirect I could think of.  Thankfully I scored with, “Would you like to try on your new bathing suit?”

So the Doodle spent the rest of the afternoon jumping on my bed in her swim suit during a winter storm.  Balance achieved.

iPhone lover

We spent the morning in our jammies. I obviously forgot the part where the Doodle got a hold of my iPhone. Watching Caillou is serious business.

Little monkey jumping on the bed

This is actually my favourite photo as it so perfectly captures the Doodle’s personality. It was snapped immediately after she jumped so hard that it caused her to fall down. It’s a little blurry, sadly.


And again, her mischievousness comes through right here.  As well as her clear lack of hair.  I think she’s going to be five before she has something substantial up top.

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  1. January 13, 2014 10:40 am

    Too cute. I hope your girl and ours can belt out “do-re-mi” this summer at the seashore? Or do you think you’ll skip FW this year?

    • January 14, 2014 6:49 am

      I wrote a response on my phone and it apparently didn’t post. Re-do!

      So, yes, we’ve been thinking about FW again. We’d totally *seriously, seriously* consider it if you were doing it again. So *seriously* that I spent an hour last night looking at places to rent! Or, alternately, we could have a different adventure. Pop us an email with what you’re thinking.

  2. mamaandmummy permalink
    January 13, 2014 1:01 pm

    How fun! I love those impromptu at home days. We have a good array of active indoor things to prevent becoming too stir crazy (like this weekend, where it was -30 F (-34 C) all weekend). Swimsuit bed jumping might need to be added to our repertoire. The Doodle remains as cute as ever. Love her sassy smile.

    • January 13, 2014 9:34 pm

      What I love most about swimsuit bed jumping is that there’s no mess to pick up!

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