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48/52 – Mealtime

December 1, 2013

48/52 - Mealtime

One of the perks of having a dog is that it makes mealtime clean up a sinch. I’m not sure we could have ever done baby-led weaning or consumed rice on a regular basis without a dog. That being said, there’s a lot more food we could have consumed if Mr. Mooster wasn’t exactly table height and quickly able to pinch a little something off the side of your plate if you were to get distracted for just a moment.

Family meals have always been important to us, but I’d say having a toddler in the house challenges your ability to enjoy both your food and conversation at the same time.  When we’re not intervening in a “please don’t feed the dog situation” the Doodle is hopping from lap to lap, trying to climb on the table to touch the chandelier or moving all of the chairs away from the table to make a house and having a fit if you try to touch them…you know, to sit on it so that you can eat your dinner.

Being 2.75 is a pretty complicated and emotionally volatile time in a little one’s life.

She’s cheeky and expressive.  Her daycare workers constantly talk about her strong personality and how smart she is. I love it. She’s going to be one incredible grown up human being, yet such a difficult kid to raise.

Mealtimes would be a little bit simpler if we could coerce her into her Trip Trapp once again and buckle her down. But she’s adamant that she’s a big kid now and needs to sit on the same chair as everyone else.

Just a little taste

Just when I think that every adventure possible to have at the dinner table has been had, moments like these come along.

This dog eats from a fork

It’s getting classier around here. Our dog now eats off of a fork 😉

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