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46/52 – Sudden

November 17, 2013

46/52 - Sudden

We weren’t as good to our old dog as we could have been. And by that I mean he got ignored more often than played with, and not walked more often than walked.  When he died we vowed to do better with our next dog.

Mr. Mooster gets one walk every day of the week. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, snowy or hot as hell, that dog gets a walk.  In part, because when we made the decision as a family to adopt a rescue animal, I was pretty clear that the big kids needed to step up this time.  They take turns walking him Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and Otto and I get him out on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

It used to be easy to walk the dog and the Doodle at the same time. The Doodle loved to tour the neighbourhood in either her carrier or stroller, and Mr. Mooster somewhat loves urban walking, but if that dog could talk I’m pretty sure he’d say, “Off-leash dog park s’il te plaît.” (That’s right, if my dog could talk he would have impeccable manners and be bilingual to boot!)

Now, some days it’s just not so easy to walk the dog. We have to get the timing just right, and we’re not sure what exactly right timing looks like, but exactly wrong timing is when the Doodle insists on pushing her own stroller, or having a meltdown, or wanting to walk on her own which really is code for standing in one place until one of us picks her up in our arms.

This walk got particularly hairy because the Doodle decided that she wanted to change her clothes in the middle of the street.  Only we didn’t have a change of clothes on us.  The result of that was her toddling up and down a residential road with her pants around her ankles and throwing a hysterical temper tantrum.

Then she was struck with the sudden urge to go to the bathroom. An urge so immediate that she was re-directed from her temper tantrum to a full-on focus of finding the perfect place to go.

She was more specific than the dog when sourcing out a spot.

We were less than three blocks from our house and no amount of convincing, bargaining or pleading could get her to a) pull her pants up and hold it till we got home or b) to go in a timely fashion in a little alley way at the end of the street.

Not being a mother to miss the chance to document such a wonderful moment in my child’s life, I’m pleased to have captured the photo above and this short video clip. It captures the inherent amusement of sudden situations such as these.  The glamour of parenthood.

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  1. mamaandmummy permalink
    December 9, 2013 1:47 pm

    Toddlers! Who hasn’t been there in one form or another? Hahahahaha.

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