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42/52 – Self Portrait (Be IN the Photo … AGAIN!!!)

October 20, 2013

For a month or so, I seriously contemplated giving up my 2013 Project 52. I was so far behind – two months behind to be exact! And this thing in which I voluntarily participate had become a stress inducing drain.

So I re-framed it. I sought out the joy. I acknowledged that I didn’t have to be somewhat perfect, that I didn’t have to take the perfectly well-thought out photo to align with the weekly theme, that I could dig through my archive of photos and simply choose something I liked. After all, it’s my project and I should be able to give myself permission to define it how I like.

As it turns out, when I dug really deep, what really mattered was the reminder that I should pick up my camera at least once a week and document tiny moments of our lives. What truly was more important was to have a compelling reason to learn how to use the new camera body I purchased way back in August. And in putting together a week book of my 2012 Project 52, I realized that less was more when it came to the accompanying narrative.

What I needed was a little kick in the pants, which I somewhat happily gave to myself. Get back in the saddle.

42/52 - Self Portrait (Be IN the Photo ... AGAIN!!!)

This Sunday morning, I mapped a mini session out in my mind. I figured I’d get the Doodle up around 8 am and we’d snuggle in our bed while I snapped some really touching photos of her with her mommies. I kinda got a little kick out of the idea of taking photos where the main prop was a lesbian family bed.

The toddler woke up before 7 am, there wasn’t enough light in our room quite yet so I had to pull out some delay tactics, and my wife entertained the baby while I fiddled and fiddled with my camera settings to get everything to work so I could shoot manually (with a remote).

In the end, I’m delighted with the results. It was so incredibly fun and I now remember how much I love my DSLR. I needed to romance my camera and fall in love with it all over again.

The toddler jumped around, stole the remote, and had no intention of lying still for even a moment so I could capture the “fake sleeping” photo I so desired. The output was perfect nonetheless.

DSC_1768_edited-2See, I’m pretty good at the whole fake sleeping thing.  And we can talk about how awesome early morning light is for skin.

DSC_1728_edited-6Snuggles and giggles and I’m sorry that Otto got cut out of this one.

DSC_1716_edited-3I think this picture could be called an oh-so-serious toddler selfie.

DSC_1765_edited-2Love and laughter.

DSC_1738_edited-2It’s a little blurry, but I still do love this one so.

DSC_1785_edited-2Rarely do we have a photo of just the two of us.  The Doodle must have been jumping on the bed out of frame, or scooting off the bed to get behind the camera.

DSC_1775_edited-4Moving from a D40 to a D7100 the depth of field I can now capture totally knocks my socks off.

DSC_1832_edited-5I have to hand it to my 2.5 year old, as this last photograph is all her work. She may need a touch of work on her composition (as in, maybe get my whole head in the frame) but I do appreciate this photo of me.  Fifty attempts it took her to nail this one good shot.

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  1. mamaandmummy permalink
    October 29, 2013 2:20 pm

    These are really fabulous. And the Doodle is getting so big and is as cute as always. I love her new haircut with her little widow’s peak. If this is what you can do with a camera remote I may need to get one– I am NEVER in the picture!

    • November 3, 2013 6:07 pm

      A camera remote is a wise investment (and I think they’re like $20). Beware that the toddler will take WAY too many photos, but you’ll be guaranteed a few good ones.

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