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41/52 – Self Portrait (Be IN the Photo)

October 13, 2013

41/52 - Self Portrait (Be IN the Photo)

We’re on a haunted wagon ride at four in the afternoon and these are our most spookiest faces. Are you scared yet? A tiny bit frightened? Maybe a touch amused?

After the Doodle’s first haircut, and Bella’s big adventure to take the bus to the mall in the far reaches of the city, we connected with other queer families for an afternoon of fun at a local pumpkin farm.  Four of us had fun, while a certain male teenager was in a non-participatory mood and opted to stay in the car for the entire duration of our visit. He wouldn’t even let us unroll the windows for him.

It was an unseasonably warm afternoon which made our special discovery of a strawberry patch right next to the pumpkin patch particularly delightful – there’s nothing like a sweet strawberry surprise! The long stretch of warm dry weather made the berries so much better this late October afternoon than they were when we had picked them in June.  We snacked on strawberries while we searched for the perfect pumpkin.

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