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40/52 – Empty

October 6, 2013

40/52 - Empty

The sun sets earlier and earlier, and little miss independent likes to walk to the park after dinner.  That’s not entirely accurate. The Doodle wants to walk when we leave the house, and half way down the street she changes her mind and wants to be carried, and so most of our very long trip to the park four blocks away is spent coming up with games to trick her into believing that walking on her own can be fun.

By the time we get to the park, it’s late, really late. The park is empty. We have the swings all to ourselves.

Higher and higher the toddler demands to be pushed. She wants an underdog. She wants to reach out, touch the sun, and convince him to linger a little bit longer above the horizon.

I love the silhouette of her curls against the dusky sky. The way her unruly locks brush up against the empty sky. I love this because it’s the last photo I have of the Doodle sporting all of the hair she was born with. The next day she got her first hair cut.

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