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39/52 – Everyday

September 29, 2013

39/52 - Everyday

You sit at the dining room table every morning shoveling heaps of cereal into your mouth.

Your horizons were recently expanded beyond the contents of a yellow Cheerios box when we let you sample a travel sized portion of Fruit Loops. It was a moment of weakness, we caved to the toddler whining that ensued when you spied the tiny box packed away amongst a car trunk jam-packed with camping food. I was thankful that you didn’t see the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, that I temporarily lost my mind when I thought what harm could a little taste do? The fruity multi-coloured cereal rocked your world. It rocked your world so much that you demand like a broken record multiple times everyday to be served Fruit Loops in your purple bowl.

I didn’t give in to your pint-size demands, and your mama brilliantly re-directed your whims to a new breakfast cereal – snap, crackle, pop – Rice Krispies are in the house! I guess that’s a cereal moms can get behind.  Particularly when it’s liberally sprinkled with fruit.

Everyday you greet me with your delicious grin, which I particularly love in the early morning as the milk drips from your chin and bed head wildly frames your face.

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