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38/52 – Sunshine

September 22, 2013

38/52 - Sunshine

I don’t really fancy myself to be much of a landscape photographer. But I needed to capture an iconic rolled hay bale on my first visit to the prairies.

I’ve taken myself off a travel ban at work, and as such, I’ve been taking on new clients outside of my city. Until now, all the non-profits I have been collaborating with have been based in southern Ontario, at most requiring an early flight out and a late flight home. A new client has taken me to Saskatchewan for the first time earlier this week.

My boss who like to be called my colleague and not my boss is also an amateur photographer. We were giddy with anticipation of getting to find two hours to take photos. She was in search of a broken down silo (which we didn’t find) and all I wanted was a well-illuminated hay bale.

The weather cooperated for our entire trip, with the exception of the two hours we had to undertake our photo scavenger hunt.  The sun briefly broke through the clouds and we quickly drove back to this field we had spied earlier so I could capture this one photo.

We were lucky to snap a few others on our adventure and sample a saskatoon berry mojito at the hotel bar.










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  1. October 15, 2013 9:00 am

    Lovely and compelling shots.
    Your business trips sound pretty sweet.

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