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36/52 – Time

September 8, 2013

36/52 - Time

Earlier this summer, I had the brilliant idea that entering myself to run a race would give me the motivating goal to run 5K at least once each week. By the time the Colour Me Rad race came around, I hadn’t managed to eek out a single run in the previous two months.  All that talk of training and working with the kids in advance of the race fell to the wayside.

I was a little concerned about my ability to run the entire 5K. I knew I could do it, but it might not be fast or pretty. Bubaloo was bursting with confidence that he’d run so fast that I’d be left eating his colour dust. Bella was just wondering if she’d make it to the finish line. As her doubts burbled up about her own running abilities, the race became less about having fun while making a personal best time, and more about having fun and running alongside my eldest.

We jogged out the gates and got to our first colour station at a decent pace. Then Bubaloo decided to we were all slow pokes and took off ahead of us. Bella didn’t want to be left behind so she ran as fast as she could to keep up with her little brother. I knew better. I watched their backsides because I figured they’d soon tire out.

By the time we hit the second colour station, Bella and I were running side by side and Bubaloo was no where to be seen.  That daughter of mine was hurting but she kept on running.  I became her cheerleader en route to the third colour station. I’d tell her to set a goal and run to that traffic light, street marker or colour station and then she could take a walking break. Run/walk/run/walk that was how she was going to make it to the finish line. I’d cheer, pump her up, and tried my best to balance being that annoying running partner with the supportive mom she needed. I never left her side. But brilliantly enough, I didn’t walk either!  I jogged in place, sneakily seeking self-satisfaction.

As we went through the fourth colour station and turned the last corner, Bella almost quit on me. She was on the verge of stopping when she caught a glimpse of the finish line.  This allowed her to summon up some pool of energy stored deep within because she looked at me and then sprinted away while teasing me to catch her. She crossed the line and I was footsteps on her heels.

Bella was so pleased with her accomplishment. Her body surprised her with what it could do. It didn’t matter the time within which she achieved the 5K goal, it just mattered that she took the time she needed to make it across the finish line to taste a small little victory.


We're so so RAD!

Here we are in our pristine white shirts.  Getting pumped up before the race.

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  1. October 14, 2013 6:04 pm

    You are the bestest mom ever! So awesome!

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