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31/52 – Pretend

August 4, 2013

31/52 - Pretend

We ran into the gals from The Figureheads on our first day in Ptown and never looked back. I believe this is what Lucy Maude Montgomery calls kindred spirits.

As the grown ups bonded over cocktails and life stories, our daughters became fast friends. Everyday the Doodle would ask where her new friend was.

Kids at this age are funny. They mostly parallel play. They don’t yet really play with one another. Only Roxy is a year older and had some more sophisticated skills to bring into the playroom.

In the weeks leading up to our holiday, we noticed more and more preschooler snippets starting to emerge from the Doodle. Mostly through the cultivation of an imagination.

Up until Ptown, the Doodle’s imaginary play was pretty much limited to pretending to be baby Charlotte (the younger sister of a daycare friend).

But then she met Roxy, fell into a fast friendship, and her world was expanded just a little bit further. Roxy introduced the Doodle to the true meaning of the word “pretend.”

There’s nothing like being the observer of a poolside afternoon tea party between two darling little girls. They slowly sipped hot tea from their finger-formed cups, nibbled on airy sweet treats, and crumbled into tiny fits of hysterical laughter.

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  1. September 16, 2013 8:27 pm

    Truly I think Roxy was equally inspired by the Doodle. She has opened up so much since that week and somehow the Doodle is the first “point of reference child” that gives Roxy pause (you can imagine all the fun we might have with that – “the Doodle eats ALL HER VEGETABLES!”). Kindred spirits indeed.

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