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21/52 – What Makes Me Feel Safe

May 26, 2013

21/52 - What Makes Me Feel Safe

“In my mommy’s arms I feel safest of all.”

If she could string together a sentence of this complexity, I’m sure this is what the Doodle would say.

This week was a bust photographically speaking.  This isn’t the picture I wanted to take, but I suppose it will have to suffice. It didn’t quite seem right to take a picture of a crying toddler clinging to one of her mommies for dear life.

When I pick her up at daycare, the Doodle runs across the room to my open arms declaring, “My mommy!!!”  She’s so happy to see me. She’s so proud to declare her ownership of me.

Sometimes when we’re alone together and snuggling, she’ll curl her little body in to my arms or reach up to me and say, “My mommy!” This is quickly followed by “My Hawee….my hawee” [translation, Hawee = toddler pronunciation of my first name].  This last part is a transgression.

The Doodle already gets that she’s not really supposed to call me by my first name, but my little mischievous, boundary pusher, promises to be one heck of a challenge to parent. And I’m fairly confident that will translate into being one heck of an incredible grown up.

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