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20/52 – Simplicity

May 19, 2013

20/52 - Simplicity

We’ve entered the naked stage of toddlerdom around these parts.  Given any opportunity to shed her clothes, the Doodle has them strewn on the ground in a flash.

There’s a drop of water on my tshirt!  Let’s take it off! Oh, is that some yogurt on my pants?  Take ’em off! Shoes?  Who liked those in the first place.  Off, please!

“I’m naked!!!!” she runs around shouting with glee. Couple her love of running around sans clothing with her love of being outside, she’s found her perfect happy place.

Pared down, simple joy, over the tiniest of life’s pleasures.  Feeling the sun on your skin, or the wind gently brush across your chest.  Contentment to bask in the warm, sunny, late spring heat.
Toddler Sunbathing

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