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13/52 – Get Moving

March 31, 2013

13/52 - Get Moving

I was torn about what to get the Doodle as a gift from the Easter Bunny – a tricycle or a strider bike.  While I thought a tricycle may be a better fit for our 2-year-old, I knew that as soon as her big brother and big sister hopped on their bikes that she would want to ride a bike, too. So we opted for a strider bike.

What I didn’t realize is that the people in my networks didn’t universally get their kids gifts for Easter.  Growing up we always got chocolate, clothing, and usually an outdoor toy.  These ranged in size from a skipping rope to a bicycle.  I remember being around 4 or 5 and learning to ride my bicycle while wearing a very fancy dress.

For those of us who reside in northern climates, Easter usually marks a shift in the weather.  The snow has begun to melt, or in the past few years, it’s been entirely melted by Easter.  It’s often warm enough to ditch the snow pants and mitts, even if you still have to wear a winter jacket.  Easter = spring.  And getting our kids an outdoor gift has become one of our Easter traditions – from sidewalk chalk to skateboards and bikes.  Easter marks a seasonal transition that’s all about going outside.  It’s when we get moving again in anticipation of summer.

We opted to get the Doodle a strider bike and most of our time was spent trying to convince her to ride it.

Get Moving - Strider Bike

We showed her how much fun it was and how much fun she could be having.  We tried to show her how awesome it was and to get her to come within a foot of her new bike.

It turns out that we should have just purchased a skateboard. Because that’s where all the fun was at.  More! Whee!  More! More! More! Push me!

Get Moving - Whee!!!

Get Moving - Mama push!

Get Moving - Skateboard for the win

Get Moving - Little/Big Sisters

The only thing with two wheels that the Doodle showed a remote interest in was the bicycle – the big kids’ bicycles.  She’d gladly get on a bike if it meant we had to wheel her up and down the street.

I’m not brave enough to get a toddler seat and peddle with her on the back of my bike.  And, just like the wheely bug we bought for her first birthday which took her months to get on and ride by herself and she wheels around the house nightly now, she’ll come to like the strider and ride it of her own free will.

I mean, the local BMX track has strider races for toddlers.  How could she not want to be a part of that?

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