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Hello Two

March 26, 2013

Dear Doodle,

You’re two! Have I mentioned that you’re two? I’m as surprised as you are that you just celebrated your second birthday (you’re obsessed with the number four…you tell us that you’re four….the time is always 4:40…but we don’t think you actually comprehend the abstract nature of numbers), so how could you possible be two?

The Doodle is Two - Toddler

It feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant, I did a maternity self-portrait, and suddenly you arrived (um, there’s a period where I didn’t blog so none of that’s documented, but it’s quickly recapped here on inside/outside day).  You’ve grown so much and I can’t believe the metamorphosis you’ve undertaken from an itty bitty baby to a spirited and vivacious toddler.

The Doodle is Two - Happy Birthday Wee One

I’ve had my friends say that the biggest transitions of early toddlerhood are moving from the crib to a big kid bed and potty training. You’ve never overnighted in a crib, so that milestone was pretty easy to tackle. You sleep in your own bed now, but usually with one of the mommies for a good part of the night. We’ll eventually figure out how to get you to stay in your own bed by yourself for the whole night, but for now we’re the most well rested we’ve been in so many months.  The final night weaning adventure, ditching both nunnas and the bottle at nighttime, was a progression you were fully ready for and was a sleep game changer.  We’re now woken up only 1-2 times a night.  Pretty darn heavenly!

You potty trained at 21 months and in the final days of being one you decided that you were done with diapers for naps and overnight.  We’re still working on consistently staying dry while asleep and I think your mama and I have been peed on more in the last two weeks than ever before.  Or rather, I more aptly should describe this as being startled awake by your shouting in the middle of the night because we’re suddenly both wet.

The Doodle is Two - Whee

Is that an iPhone in your hand?  Why yes it is.  You’re obsessed with electronics. Here, you’re on facetime with Mama and Bella.

The thing is about having kids across generations is that you forget stuff.  Important stuff.  Like the date of your toddler’s birthday when you buy your teen a Christmas present in December.  Bella is in love with Lindsay Stirling so we got her a VIP pass and tickets to the concert and a trip to Toronto on March 23.  Something seemed a little funny about the date when we purchased the tickets late one evening in mid-December, but it didn’t click until a friend was trying to schedule her baby’s birthday party on the Doodle’s birthday that we had kinda-sorta double booked.  Opps!

I felt really bad about it for a while, but then I realized the Doodle has no concept of time or that her birthday is on March 24.  So we re-scheduled her birthday celebration for the day after the event and now the Doodle thinks that birthdays are week-long events.

The Doodle is Two - Toddlerdom

In the first year of life, you were really focused on your gross motor skills.  You walked at 11 months and now you love to run. It melts my heart when you shout out “I’m running!” as you tear about the house or down the street.  Maybe you were so motivated to move so that you could keep up with your big brother and sister.

All that focus on doing meant your language skills came later.  Or maybe it’s because it’s hard to have a one-on-one conversation and learn when there are four other people constantly talking. But when you started, those words rushed forward and we can’t believe how much you can say and express these days.

You’re quite hilarious at times, such as when you shout out jokes like “poo poo eyes” that only you think are funny.  You’re quite specific at other times such as when we ask you to go potty before a car for a ride or before your nap and your response is “I went pee pee already” and we have to remind you that you did, but that was two hours ago, and we’d like you to go again.  We can even have simple conversations with you about who was at daycare and what you did during the day.

The sweetest development in the last few weeks is your spontaneous verbal affection.  Sometimes you stop what you’re doing and look at us and say, “I love you Mommy” or “I love you Mama” without any prompting at all.

The Doodle is Two - Mama Bear

You love music, dancing and singing. You’re quite dramatic, so maybe you’ll grow up to be a triple threat!

You request to listen to your favourite song, Rumour Has It by Adele, on your iPod by name. You request that we sing (or sing along while watching the StoryBots) Jumping on the Bed, Mulberry Bush, Itsy Bitsy Spider (which you always demand we sing a verse of Great Big Spider), ABCDs, Twinkle Twinkle, and Row Your Boat.

We vowed that we’d do a better job of picking a bedtime lullaby for you, as when Bella sung Ani’s Both Hands at her grade 6 talent show it probably wasn’t our finest parenting moment, and there were lots of songs in rotation that we used to sing you to sleep.  Unexpectedly, what’s stuck is KD Lang’s version of Hallelujah.

You’re now on the cusp of mastering tunes, and you can be found singing the word “Hallelujah” over and over to yourself.  You don’t clearly enunciate the individuals words yet, but you know a few key lines of the song and can sing in time with us or if we play it aloud for you.  We know what you’re singing, but I’m not sure anyone else would.

The Doodle is Two - Facetime

You love to read books, or talk about how you ripped various books.  According to you apparently anything and everything can be fixed with tape (your sippy cup leaks, you chewed through the top of your bottle or if a piece of clothing gets a hole in it).

Your favourite book has changed over the year.  We’ve gone from Moo Baa La La La to Goodnight Moon to Lily’s Potty to Alligator Baby to Olivia, and of late, I Want My Hat Back.

You request this book by stating “hat back” and over the few months we’ve been reading it, you’ve interacted with it in different ways.  Sometimes you’re fixated on the hat, sometimes it’s the fact that the bear is running, and sometimes with the shocked expression and hands on your cheeks that the rabbit took the bear’s hat.  The most recent development is that you somehow understood subtext, or we explained it to you, and it stuck many days later.

When I asked you about the bear and his hat while holding up the book, you told me “Bear eat rabbit. Tummy.”  Yup.  That’s right.  But the book doesn’t explicitly say that.

The Doodle is Two - Hi Mama!

Have I mentioned how much you love yoga? Tree pose. Downward dog. Mat. Those are some of the things you still speak about even though yoga has been over for a month now. We registered you in a parent/child class this winter and you fell in love.

Every Sunday morning you would head to yoga with Mama and she’d come home with the best stories of how you had to do the class with your backpack on, or would run around with your potty seat, how you’d get heart sticker and place it on your heart and say the word over and over again, or how you thought that final savasana was the best thing ever as it meant cuddle time with mama.

The Doodle is Two - Hi RoRo!

Like all kids you think that farts are the funniest thing ever. “I toot!” “I toot, too!” and “Excuse me” are toddler phrases heard all around the house.

The Doodle is Two - Happy

You’re a pretty outgoing kid once you’re comfortable with the scene and we hear that you’re the kid other kids always talk about at daycare. Parents tell us how you did this or that.

Early in the year, it was because you bit other kids a lot. You were totally the out of control classroom biter. You were that kid. And you thought biting was hilarious.

When the teething subsided, and your language took off, you stopped biting. And that was a relief.

Now you have daycare friends that you greet with smiles and by calling out their name. You also know whose mommy or daddy the adults are (which is a relief, cause many times I don’t). You also end the day with hugs and kisses for your friends. You’re a really great hugger.

I particularly like that we can work with the other parents and kids to get us out of daycare by helping one another put our boots and jacket on. If you can help friend X with his jacket and boots, and friend X can help you with yours, we’re out of there without an epic meltdown in under 10 minutes.

The Doodle is Two - Shoes

Shoes. Have I mentioned your love of shoes and boots? You spent most of the winter stomping around the house in your snow or rain boots with a toque on. Unsurprisingly shoe was one of your first words. You must have inherited this obsession for footwear from your Great Gran.

I think you fancy shoes, just as you’ve begun to fancy three or more outfits changes per day, because you like shaking things up.  Or maybe you just appreciate fashion. Or maybe it’s your thirst for adventure. New clothing means a new activity and that we’re going to go explore, try something new, see some sights or have an outing.

The Doodle's Many Faces

Your facial expressions are endless and priceless.  I’ll never be able to capture them on film. I’m grateful that you let me photograph you and I’ve been able to become such a better photographer.

You’re also going to have curly hair like mommy once it finally grows in.  I’m predicting you’ll be at least four before you have your first hair cut.

You challenge me, you humble me.  You frustrate me, and you help me to grow.  You’re an incredible, spirited, clever, simultaneously independently minded and entirely dependent, attached, charming, delightful, fun, stubborn, saucy, smart, thoughtful, empathetic, frustrating and fun little toddler.  I look forward to the girl you will become.

You’re my squishy Doodle.  Or Doodle P.  And I love you so very much.

oxoxoxox. To the moon and back.

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  1. April 5, 2013 11:01 pm

    ha, roxy always says it’s “2:30.” happy birthday, doodle!

  2. mamaandmummy permalink
    April 5, 2013 11:48 pm

    Happy birthday, Doodle! I can’t believe you’re two! I love your fun anecdotes. What a fun, funny little girl she is.

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