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Channeling Amelia Bedelia

March 12, 2013

As a kid I loved the Amelia Bedelia books.

I can still recall the time that Amelia Bedelia was asked to string the beans.  What she should have done was remove the stringy skin from each side of the bean, but Amelia Bedelia literally hung all the beans up on a line of string.  Amelia Bedelia was a hysterical character and I always feared that one day she would run out of literal language quirks to misinterpret.

(Confession: This isn’t my story.  It happened with Otto.  But it’s one of the more priceless toddler moments – kind of like the Doodle opted to sleep in her bathing suit for the second night in a row – that I’d like to be able to recall in 20 years from now.)

I suppose over the past year or so with the constant teething that we’ve gone through more than our fair share of Ad.vil.  Two large bottles and maybe six or more of the small ones.  It’s something that we couldn’t keep in stock in our house for a while there.

As the Doodle gets more sophisticated in her language, we’re constantly amazed by what she remembers.  Like when we showed her the new bathing suit we bought her for swim lessons that start in two weeks and she immediately said the name of the item followed by ‘swim’ and ‘bathtub’ and ‘Gramma.’  While we talk about swimming in the bathtub, the Doodle hasn’t seen a swimsuit since last summer and she hasn’t been in nor seen Gramma’s pool since last summer.

But she was able to connect the dots.  And now she’s preparing to swim each night by insisting that she wears her swimsuit to bed each night.

Anyway, back to our very own Miss Amelia Bedelia.

The Doodle’s been cutting her second year molars, 1.5 down and 2.5 to go, and now she can say ‘bobo teeth’ when she hurts and she’ll ask for Ad.vil.

We pour the Ad.vil into a little cup for her, which she puts into her mouth, and drinks it down.

Last night she was playing with her brother and tripped over a ribbon.  There were lots of tears and while we were pretty sure her foot or toes weren’t broken, we thought the likelihood of a sprain was quite high.  It was quite tender and it seemed difficult to walk on.

She asked for ice for her bobo, so we complied.  Then we suggested that she have some Ad.vil to help with any swelling or the pain.

Otto handed her the little cup of Ad.vil to drink and the Doodle poured it all over her foot.

At first Otto couldn’t figure out why the Doodle did that.  And then there was that parental aha moment where you get insight into the toddler brain.

When the Doodle’s teeth are sore, we tell her to pour Ad.vil on them.  So she just assumed that you pour Ad.vil on all your injuries.  Kind of like when you put a bandaid on a cut.  The thing that fixes has to be put on the thing that is broken.

Otto had to give her another cup of Ad.vil and explain that she needed to swallow it to make her bobo better.  Then we grown ups had a good laugh.

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  1. March 13, 2013 10:38 am

    This story is toddler gold!

    • March 17, 2013 10:32 am

      Which was followed by teenage gold – the kid who was banned from playing on the computer somehow got on the computer which I knew because be asked me to play Farmville with him!

      PS – I still can’t comment on your blog. I keep on getting a wordpress token error. I’m using firefox, so I think I’ll try over on IE.

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