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10/52 – Changes

March 10, 2013

10/52 - Changes

Winter melts into spring. The clocks tumble forward. A few minutes of sunlight is added to each day.

A one-year-old is on the cusp of morphing into a two-year-old. Although, when you ask her how old she is she consistently states that she is four.

Constant change is the only consistency in life.

It feels just like yesterday that I met this girl and we stayed up the whole night talking, only we glanced at the calendar and ten years have flown by.

We met with friends yesterday from that era at the Museum of Nature.  Friends from a time where pop culture analysis, beer and karaoke, endless fun were the staples of an academic-wanna be life.  Some of us went on to pursue and finish our PhDs.  Others timed out and still haven’t finished the MA.

I wrote and defended my words and then I opted to take my life in another direction.  I’m a lapsed academic.

As we ambled through the museum with four kids in tow – three of theirs and one of our three – it was like no time had passed at all.  Things were the same because they were easy.  Things were different because there’s a whole bunch of experiential stuff that amasses over time. So much has changed but that’s not the kind of thing you can cover in two hours while you keep an eye on your kids, parent your kids, while only making it through the dinosaur exhibit.

The Doodle was smitten with B., the eldest daughter of 6.5 years.  I’d have to say that the adoration was mutual.  B. took the Doodle under her wing and doted on her all day.  The Doodle soaked up every minute of that big kid attention.

The Doodle and B

Their middle child crashed on the walk to the museum and slept the entire tour, and their infant was awesome and the Doodle seems to think that she now has a baby in her tummy.

Spring is coming in Ottawa

It’s nearly spring here in Ottawa.  The snow will melt, and it will snow some more, and then the snow will disappear for another year.

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