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9/52 – Out of the Shadows

March 3, 2013

9/52 - Out of the Shadows

A box is a spark to the toddler imagination.

Our box isn’t fancy.  It’s just a plain cardboard box.  We haven’t cut any doors or window to make a house, and we haven’t transformed it into a rocket ship. We’ve haven’t pretended it’s a car or a train. It’s a large empty brown cardboard box.

Anything inside a big box is so much more exciting than when it is outside the big box.  This box has transformative powers.

The child who never sits still will crunch up and wait silently for you to walk by so she can jump up out of the box and scare you with a loud roar. The piles of toys which were boring on the shelf are suddenly interesting again when placed inside this box. It’s fun to curl up and snuggle with a sibling or a mommy inside of a cardboard box. Turning the light on and off from the play kitchen inside of the box can amuse this kid for 30 or so minutes. Even the dark isn’t scary when it’s contained inside this special box.

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