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8/52 – Wild Card

February 23, 2013

8/52 - Wild Card

After an eight year love affair, seven years of which were really good for me, Otto and I have decided to break up with our red dining room. It would seem as if there is no end in sight to my nesting spree, so on a Saturday night at 9pm I began to paint the dining room ceiling.

I remember a time when I couldn’t fathom doing something as mundane as painting on a Saturday night.  Now it’s a meditative solo activity that immediately causes everyone in the house to disperse to their own rooms.

The next morning when I decided to tackle the red with a coat of primer, I had two helpers.

While painting is a relatively inexpensive way to freshen up your space, paint can be quite expensive. Particularly when you’re particular about the colours.  We decided to give Benjamin Moore another shot (I love the colour palate, but the Natura line was awful to paint my entrance hallway with…it dripped and actually rubbed off in one place with grimy kid hands and all of the other traffic the entrance way gets).  The colours we fell in love with could only be mixed with the highest end – and most expensive – paint.

I thought that in the interest of being thrifty, that I’d save myself a few coats of expensive paint, and save myself a few dollars by buying a cheap primer.

It was late Saturday afternoon at Canadian Tire.  There was the $50 gallons of paint, then $40 gallons of paint, and a few gems at the $30 and $20 price point.  I decided for once that I’d be thrifty and buy the $20 gallon of paint.  My mother-in-law had mentioned a brand name that she said she liked and I thought it matched with some of the cans on the shelf.  I questioned the price point, I got excited about saving $20 bucks, and tossed a can in the cart.

But in my hesitation about going for the cheapest product, the Doodle got fussy, was kicking her boots off, wanting to get out of the cart, said she had to go to the bathroom, I failed to double check if the word primer was on the can I picked off the shelf.  Because the can I selected and opened and let the kids and I paint the dining room with wasn’t primer.  It was some sort of really sticky glue paint that went on white and dried clear.

Yes, that’s right.  After priming our dining room with an hour or so of time, effort and sweat (and of course, having a fun/moderately stressful time letting Bubaloo and the Doodle help – thank goodness latex peels of of hardwood), there was nothing to show.  The red was as red as ever, and the “paint” we applied to the walls was non-existent.

Otto went back to the store, explained my dilemma to the sales clerk, and came home with a can of proper primer.

It was $40.  And my can 0f non-primer primer cost $20.  It now pretty clear that I should have just forked out for the medium or expensive stuff in the first place.

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  1. March 6, 2013 10:11 am

    Oh no! I have totally done that sort of thing–especially when distracted by my little “helper”

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