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6/52 – Good Morning

February 9, 2013

6/52 - Good Morning

Our Saturday mornings go something like this: wake up, shower, get dressed and eat, or wake up, eat, shower and get dressed. I’d like to lounge around in my jammies a bit while sipping a cup of coffee, but the toddler always has other plans.

As the Doodle nears two years of age, she’s getting more and more self-sufficient.  There are the tasks she can now do for herself with little to no assistance or guidance, and then there are tasks that she’d like to do on her own, but just isn’t capable of doing so yet.  That’s when she calls out, “Help please!”

The Doodle has always been a fan of picking out her outfits.  Her very first self-selected and styled outfit included a white onesie, pink tutu, and swim diaper cover tied around her neck.  She thought she looked awesome, and she looked so ridiculously awesome you couldn’t help but to break out in a grin.

Now that she can access all of her clothes, the Doodle selects her clothes on a daily basis.  Sometimes, we’ll pull out two things and give her a choice.  Other times we’ll explain why a certain outfit – a swimsuit for example – isn’t the best choice for the activities we have planned that day and we’ll steer her towards something else.  And sometimes we’ll walk into her room and she’s already working on getting dressed.

It’s pretty handy that the Doodle can dress her lower half on her own now.  Potty training led to learning how to push down our pants and pull them up, and then one day she just figured out how to put her legs in her pants all by herself.

Good morning red skinny jeans!  A perfect choice at 7:30 am on this sunny winter day.

Buttons are hard

Leggings are easy for the Doodle to take on and off.  She hasn’t quite yet mastered the snap button.  She knows that the two pieces go together, but she can’t figure out how to actually make it happen.  I love the look of concentration on her face here.

Nursing my baby

After we got dressed, we crawled into the rocking chair with our baby, Souri. Time for nunnas!

I get a kick of how the Doodle wants to nurse her baby and does it in the same place that we nurse every night before bed.


Apparently, all that nursing is tiring, so we have to curl up for a nap.  Fake sleeping is probably one of the Doodle’s top ten activities to do.  She puts her baby to bed, she puts the dog to bed, and she begs her brother and sister to play sleep with her.

A little bit of Munsch on the potty

And of course, before we had a shower and got dressed, we had to stop by the bathroom to potty.  The Munsch anthology is one of her favourite reads these days.  The Doodle loves Alligator Baby (and can say that, too).  I thought it was pretty funny that she lugged this book to the bathroom.  It’s so heavy that she couldn’t even haul it up on to her lap to read.



This last picture is a random selection and has nothing to do with our mornings. We have to be really careful where we leave our laptops as the Doodle is quick to scoop them up and pry them open.  She loves the iPad and computers (iPad and ‘puter) and will do anything to watch her favourite red muppet. Our laptops are password protected and she hasn’t been successful…yet!

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  1. February 10, 2013 9:40 pm

    Hmm, that last photo makes me think that the Doodle might be blogging soon!

    • February 11, 2013 5:45 am

      Hilarious! I wonder what a toddler would blog about? Toast. Painting. Sleepy. Outside. Game. Milk. It would be a pretty funny post (at least to me!)

  2. February 11, 2013 11:46 am

    I love Ms. Doodle. I would totes read her blog.

    But where do you find the time? I have a ton of pictures on my camera and I think they will sit there forever because the toddler will not allow M or I near a computer, ever. If we even thinking about sitting at the desk in front of him, he throws a fit until we just give up.

    And his favorite sneaky thing to do is to climb up on the chair and type very long login strings that also never work.

    • mamaandmummy permalink
      February 13, 2013 5:56 pm

      We can’t have the computer out with Juju either. She barks at our laptops because she is obsessed with watching dog videos on youtube. One thing that works for me sometimes is to open a two windows side by side. Then I can check my email or whatever and Juju can watch dogs and cats. But, obv, if she’s lunging for the keyboard this does not work.

      If you have a mac AlphaBaby is a really cute app for toddlers. They punch the keys and the letters show up on the screen and make sounds. And they can’t get into anything else and jack it up.

      DoodleBlog! I love it.

      • February 14, 2013 10:06 am

        Oh, I’ll have to check out AlphaBaby…I don’t have a mac, but maybe it’s an app.

        And DoodleBlog, love it. Maybe she’ll write her first entry next week.

    • February 14, 2013 10:16 am

      I guess you’ll have to teach Bunny how to edit photos, that is, after you teach him how to login 😉

      With respect to finding time, it’s always been my philosophy that you make time for the things that matter. And, in making that time, there is inevitably something that falls off the side of your plate.

      I make an effort to shoot randomly throughout the week for a minute or two, and I leave my camera out so that it is accessible. My goal is to take fewer pictures in order to capture shots I love. I then spend an hour editing after the Doodle has gone to bed – both for my photo of the week project, and for our general family collection – and then upload it and blog at my convenience.

      I’ve found that staying on top of it to not get overwhelmed is key.

      So, it’s a small investment of time, but one that I’m so happy to make.

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