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Righting a Project Gone Wrong

February 5, 2013

The book of special people that I made and gifted to the Doodle for Christmas morphed in to an epic fail.

Since I failed to use a thick paper stock to print the photos on, and my lamination wasn’t the hard kind, all of the holes ripped.  Instead of having a nice little book on a key ring to tote around, the Doodle has 15 or so loose 5×5 laminated photographs scattered around the house.

In the midst of my most recent nesting spree I grappled with what to do with the hundreds of instagram photos I’ve taken over the past year.  These pictures that capture our daily life only exist in the virtual world in a social feed.  There’s not a single one in our house.

I’d been thinking about transforming some of our photos into canvases, and that’s when I discovered that Canvas Pop has a new photo mosaic option which is perfect for instagram.  I began to start a project, and while I loved the idea of displaying instagram photos, I wasn’t sure if I’d like them on a large canvas and it was quickly becoming quite pricy for me.

I then realized that I could print larger sized images at Costco and I could trial the instagram poster layout out before I committed to making a canvas.  And, the inspiration took me even further.  I decided that I’d love some new art for the Doodle’s room that she could touch and I wouldn’t be too concerned about it getting ruined.

That’s when I decided to create my own canvases for her using the images from the Doodle’s My People book.

I hopped on over to a local craft store where I purchased two 12 x 12 canvases. There was a great buy 1 get the second for 1 cent deal on canvases, so these cost me a grand total of $13.  I then painted the outside black as I wanted the images to be somewhat framed and for the canvases to look good from the side.

Blank canvas

I was able to find some free photoshop templates on the internet (I can’t remember where I found these awesome .psd files to give proper credit or refer you to these) to create two 12×12 photographs. I printed those at Costco for $2.98 each. I used mod podge to affix the photos to the canvas and then trimmed off the extra with an exacto knife.

Cutting straight lines is apparently not my strength as this is where I goofed a bit.

Getting ready to podge

Et voila!  The most time consuming part of this project was learning how to use the .psd templates and sizing all of the pictures in.  But don’t they look lovely sitting on the shelf in the Doodle’s room?

All done

We’re going to be moving some furniture around and these canvases will be hung at the Doodle’s eye level in a reading nook.

Photobook turned photo canvas

The canvases are a big hit – even bigger than the book!  I think it’s because they’re always out and she can look at her favourite people.  When she walks into her room, more often than not, she’ll look up and point and shout out someone’s name.

Canvases on a shelf

The thrifty side of me loves the project because it’s awesome and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I spent under $20 for what would have cost me more than $70 if I had of had it professionally done. Now of course, this project is not prefect and flawed, but it’s for a kid’s room after all.  I’m also pretty sure that when the canvases are down within the Doodle’s reach, they’ll be smeared with finger prints.

Final project 2

This was so simple to make that I’m sure I’ll add more canvas projects to her room (and for the other kids as well) over time.

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