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5/52 – Finding the Light

February 3, 2013

5/52 - Finding the Light

I wish I could say that I was both the photographer and subject for this week’s photo, but I’m not.  The camera was taken out of my hands just after I started snapping photographs – at first by my wife, and then by the toddler.

The best light in our house comes from the south, especially in the winter months.  It was hard to find sunlight, or even daylight while home and awake for that matter, in the middle of the Canadian winter  this week.  Thank goodness for the leisurely Sunday morning.

As a child, I loved to watch Polkadot Door.  Like so many children I was enthralled by the mysterious creature named Polkaroo that the host never seemed to see.  I think the Polkadot Door was followed by Today’s Special, and I may have even loved that show more.

I was at a conference this fall when I discovered that TVO was selling Polkaroo t-shirts.  I thought it would be a hoot to get one.

I donned it for the first time at night for sleeping and put it underneath a sweatshirt to stay warm.  I was going to nurse the Doodle to sleep, and I decided to shout out Polkaroo when I revealed him to her for this first time.  She was immediately smitten.

Polkaroo was quickly shortened to Polkie and any time I was wearing a shirt or jacket with a zipper, the Doodle would yell out Pokie to see if a certain t-shirt was underneath.  It became a great game of sorts for us.

Polkaroo unfortunately met an untimely early demise when the dog ate him. Somehow the shirt got food on it, and was left on my bed, and the dog ate a hole in the t-shirt while trying to get at the people food snack.

I thought that was the end of it, but the Doodle kept on insistently asking for Polkie and unzipping all my shirts to see if I was wearing him.

I like to occasionally cave to my toddler’s whims, so I called to see if I could order another t-shirt. I also inquired if any were available in a toddler size. Obviously, Polkaroo is from another generation as no child sizes were available.  The best we could do was a ladies small.

The Doodle loves her Polkaroo nightgown.  I like to think in part it is because the image of her adored Polkie is on the front, and in part because she and her mommy have matching t-shirts.

Here are a few other shots that Otto captured this morning.

First off, we have a riveting game of you stole my nose.


Then we played with her leap frog “ipod” and had an imprompteau dance party.


When she tired of being the photographic subject, the Doodle took over the camera.  I played peekaboo with the photographer.  I think the shot the Doodle took on the left is quite cute.


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  1. February 4, 2013 9:49 am

    very cute – I loved “Today’s Special”!

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