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February 2, 2013

I’m not pregnant, not even trying, and I can’t stop nesting. I don’t think I ever nested this much when I was indeed pregnant. The state of our house has become a huge irritant and I can’t stop fidgeting with it until it’s all in proper order.

Our past few weekends have been full of shopping, organizing, cleaning, purging, rearranging and redecorating.

It started with re-claiming our tupperware cupboard. That had been driving me nuts for months as the Doodle gets in there and tosses it all over the kitchen floor or tosses it all over in the cupboard itself. It’s not just a cupboard.  It’s a bottom corner cupboard in the kitchen which means it holds a lot of stuff!

When you’re trying to cook dinner and there’s plastic underfoot, your coping strategy is to quickly toss it back in the cupboard out of sight. It had been on my to do-list to organize as my blood pressure would rise every time I opened the corner cupboard. You could find a lid, but no matching bottom.  You could find a sippy cup, but no corresponding straw. You’d find a lid, but no jar to make salad dressing in.  It was an exhausting, colossal mess, and one I could not bring myself to re-organize because I knew that my 20 minutes of order restoration effort would be undone in less than 60 seconds.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one irritated to high heaven by the chaos because I returned home late one night to find that harmony had been restored in the kitchen again. I guess after the Doodle had taken every last piece out of the cupboard, Otto decided to organize it before it went back in again.

Then, one afternoon I reorganized the Doodle’s drawers and packed away the last pieces of her 12-18 month clothing along with her diapers.  I moved her everyday clothes into the bottom drawers so she could see and reach in to pick out her outfit, and put the clothes she has yet to grow in to up into the upper drawers.

I was also tired of all our family photos.  I created a gallery wall at our side entrance while on mat leave and all of the pictures were more than a year old.  I set out re-printing new selections for that wall, which of course led to updating all photos throughout the house. I also found a neat way to display the oodles of instagram photos I take in our front entrance hallway. We’ve been scouring art and photos, albeit unsuccessfully, on the internet to add to some walls that still need adornment in the house.

We bought new baskets to organize the Doodle’s toys.  I finally took the summer coats out of the hall closet.  We bought new accessories for the bathroom which has been unfinished since the reno wrapped up in September and I painted the stepping stool the Doodle uses to reach the taps (um, did I mention that her big brother taught her how to drink out of a running faucet) white to match the bathroom decor. The last unfinished task it to move all the stuff that was in the bathroom, and placed in the linen closet during the reno, back to the bathroom.  And then we need to re-establish order in the linen closet.

I’m exhausted just typing all this, but the best is yet to come.  After 2 years of searching, we finally found a new living room rug!

Our very first rug was white and wool.  We found it at this rug store that had beautiful turkish rugs that were way out of our price range, and instead this is the one that what we bought.  You can see it in the bottom left of the photo below.


(Side note – Isn’t this the cutest picture ever of Bella and Bubaloo from Christmas in 2008?  Bubaloo was really into geology and rock mining so we got him a ‘pick axe’ and goggles).

After two or so years, you can see that the white rug was a little more off-white than white.  And Otto, who has the most sensitive nose ever known to human kind, constantly complained that our house smelt like dead sheep.  I didn’t smell wet wool, and I asked lots of people who came over if our house smelled like sheep, and it seemed that Otto was alone in this regard.  But nevertheless, we all incessantly heard about the barnyard smell.

I advocated and advocated for this rug.  I refused to throw it out.  Then our new dog, Mr. Mooster, ate a hole in it five years after it had been on our living room floor and it finally went to the curb (you would also be right if you were to guess that I may have tried to issue as many convincing arguments as possible around why the rug was good enough to keep and useable despite the gaping hole in the middle).

I was on mat leave, money was tight, and our living room floor was rugless for a while.

Then my grandmother was moving into a nursing home, and in an offer of generous pity, she gave us an area rug that she no longer needed.  While it covered the floor, it was the ugliest rug we had ever seen; it also happened to be the most powerful lint and hair magnet to ever be put on this planet. We’re not beyond practicality, and I don’t mean to seem ungrateful.


The Doodle needed a little soft spot to work on her crawling and to sit while she played.  Here she is at Easter 2012 inspecting her new trucks on that lovely rug.  The rug was function and well used for a short period of time.

That is until Mr. Mooster had a sudden diarrhea explosion while we were all out of the house.

fortunately clean up was a snap as the only place that was affected was the area rug.  We decided that it was better for numerous reasons that the rug to go to the curb than to undertake a salvage effort. (Side note – Someone actually took that rug off the curb before it got into the garbage truck and I can sure imagine that they were surprised when they got it home!  I bet it swiftly went back out to the curb).

During the ugly rug period, we let our entire living room slide even more.

The Doodle has drawn on the couches, there’s dog fur everywhere, there’s food mashed into certain spots, there’s even patches of silly putty residue, on various pieces of furniture.  The pillows are mashed and stained from the dog’s dirty paws.  The curtains have been ripped to shreds so they hang beside the window and can’t be drawn closed. We’re using the room more now that the ugly rug is gone, but it’s just not very functional or aesthetically pleasing.

Last weekend, I took matters into my own hands.  After two years of searching, I found the perfect rug.

Now the rug I had been coveting was this one from Pottery Barn.  Way back when the attraction developed, I couldn’t find it or anything similar in Canada. I also was a little wary to buy sight unseen from the internet and to fork over duty charges just in case I didn’t love it when it was dropped off on my front stoop.

Then I saw this rug at Homesense last weekend and after seeing this picture my lovely Wife agreed to go back to the store with me to check it out in person.


Obviously it was so awesome that we brought it home with us.  I’m so in love with this rug that I smile each time I walk into the room.

I also bark out orders like, “Make sure your sister doesn’t pee on my rug!” “Did you dry off the dog’s paws?” “No you can’t drink your hot chocolate on my rug!?!?!” and “When will this darn thing stop shedding?”

This new rug has spawned the need for new throw pillows.  Then I ordered some swatches from Tonic Living and we’ll see if we can get some curtains made (the ones we have are hand me downs that we’ve had for 8 years and they’ve had holes in them the entire time) and we ordered a new couch.  A couch that’s not my dream couch, but a make due couch, that I won’t lose my shit over if someone marks it up in a few weeks time. By next weekend the entire living room will be redone.

How’s that for nesting?  Expensive.

It turns out when you don’t spend your time planning and preparing for a mid-winter vacation, you turn all that pent up energy into transforming your house.

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  1. February 3, 2013 2:14 pm

    It must be something in the air! I’ve been itching to get things in order for months now and finally began the process. Our house looked like an episode of hoarders for a bit, but we’ve tossed out about nine garbage bags full of crap and another three huge boxes are going to Goodwill. It feels very freeing!

    • February 4, 2013 9:21 am

      I love the purge. Although, I begin to wonder where and why we collected all this stuff in the first place (and somehow seem to still accumulate stuff).


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