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1/52 – Evening Rituals

January 5, 2013

1/52 - Evening Rituals

The bath became a part of our evening ritual when the Doodle was a mere six weeks old.  During those horribly fussy early evening hours, we somehow discovered that the bath offered her (and us) a quiet reprieve. The warm water soothed her and helped with some of the gas trapped in her maturing digestive system.

Now, at 21 months, the Doodle loves bath time.  Shower time.  Swim time.  Really, this kid is a fish and loves any time that involves water.

At the end of a long week with the most recent wave of sickness subsiding in our household, the Doodle’s sleep schedule is quite messed up. She keeps on coughing herself awake and is up in the middle of the night for a pretty substantial length of time.  Thankfully we’re on vacation and get to sleep in for a couple of extra hours in the morning.

The Doodle was in her glory for a part of her bath time.  Laughing. Splashing.  Rolling around.  Kicking.  And in an instant, it’s like a switch goes off, and she’s completely knackered. She pushes down on the plug and bath time comes to an abrupt end.

The Doodle may be clean, but she’s completely wrecked in this picture above.

Whereas minutes earlier, she was all smiles – just like this – in her bath time glory.

Evening Rituals - Bathtime

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  1. January 9, 2013 10:29 am

    We have those stacking bath toys, too!

    So I’ve decided I’m going to try this challenge, for myself this year. And I have two (and a half) photography resolutions this year:
    1. Work on becoming better at focusing.
    2. Shoot in RAW and learn how to process my images.

    • January 10, 2013 8:32 pm

      Fantastic challenges! I’m so excited to photograph alongside you virtually in the project 52.

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