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51/52 – Confusion

December 23, 2012

51/52 - Confusion

I didn’t think I’d get my Santa photo this year. We were never at a mall when Santa was in the house, and it didn’t seem worth it to trek to wait 1.5 hours in line to see the jolly old fellow.  That would only lead to a cranky toddler and frustrated mommies. And I was pretty sure that at 21 months, my shy Doodle would freak out if she had to touch a stranger without the opportunity to have a really long period of time to warm up.

We’re still not really sure how we’re going to deal with Santa as we don’t want to lie to the Doodle, we don’t want Christmas to be all about consumerism, and the big kids tell stories of harrowing Christmases where Santa never came for them. The only thing all of us know is that we want the magic of the holiday and the spirit to exude in our home.

At nearly two years old, we think we have another year to figure out what we want to do. Regardless of my philosophical conundrum, I still wanted a Santa photo to add to my collection.

When a man arrived decked out in a red suit and a long white beard to the Christmas celebration for my extended family, the Doodle was transfixed.  She was very, very curious about this odd fellow.

We told her he was “Santa” and her curiosity was piqued. That’s when the pointing and saying Santa on repeat started.  She’s never shown an interested in a stranger before.

The Doodle was transfixed.  She wanted to see him.  So we took her a little closer, and a little closer.  I totally thought I was going to get an awesome Santa shot like last year. I was poised and ready to take the photo of the year – a happy, smiling baby thrilled to get to see the mysterious Santa up close.

The Doodle was quite confused when she realized that her mama was going to ask her to sit on a stranger’s lap.  That was not plausible for her. Which she clearly let us know when she got about 3 feet away from Santa.

The Doodle never left her mama’s arms.  She never even touched Santa. It was over in less than 5 seconds.

This is not the shot I expected to take.  But it’s priceless nonetheless.


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