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November 13, 2012

I have so many posts started but not finished.  It’s adoption awareness month and I definitely have something to say about that.  I’m just facing a serious time crunch between work, parenting, travel, visitors and volunteering. So, tonight it’s all about being short and sweet.

The Doodle is beginning to put two words together.

More please (when she wants more singing or food). No mine (usually about an object that is most definitely not hers). No no no no (her favourite string of power words).  All down done (I’ve finished sitting here at the table eating or colouring and I’d immediately like to be let out of my chair).  Mitch ball (screaming the dog’s name while throwing a ball which he won’t fetch so she inevitably ends up calling his name while playing fetch on her ownsome).  Other side (which is now what she calls nursing interchangeably with nunnas, and also how she signals that she wants to switch sides when the milk is all gone).

This morning the Doodle woke up at 6am and Otto carried her over into our bed.  She asked for nunnas so I nursed her.  When she was done, she popped off to proclaim, “Other side!”

I’ve never been able to nurse side lying with both breasts.  So I usually pull the Doodle on to my stomach and roll over with her on top of me.  This morning was no different.  Only this time something about Otto lying next to me caught her attention.  Mid roll she looked right at Otto and loudly exclaimed to the sleepy Otto while frantically waving, “Hi Mama!!!!”  It was like Otto couldn’t see her or know that she was there. It was like it was the first time she was seeing Otto today, only her mama had been sleeping next to her all night long.

This kid totally cracks me up. And that’s another two word combo.

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