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45/52 – Opposites

November 12, 2012

45/50 - Opposites

The opposite of no is yes, the opposite of up is down, and the opposite of on is off.

We’re in a pretty big ‘no’ stage right now, so every question or request has to be strategic.  You need to be able to figure out how to ensure you can get the toddler action to be the opposite of ‘no,’ typically as in, “I’m not going to do/want/need what’s being asked/offered.”

The Doodle rarely wants to put on her coat when we leave daycare.  Now that it’s gone from nice and cool to downright cold, walking from inside the building to the car without a jacket really isn’t a suitable option anymore.  You have to give the Doodle a choice, or options, to ensure that you can get a response that is the opposite of a refusal to put on the jacket.

This particular day, the Doodle excitedly put on her jacket all by herself.  I didn’t even have to prompt her.  Unintentionally or not, however, she put her coat on backwards.  I wasn’t about to undo a good thing – the fact the jacket was on without a struggle, nor to correct what she had so proudly achieved all on her own.  So I zipped that backwards jacket up and we were homeward bound.

And thus a new opposite was introduced into our household: the opposite of forward is backwards.

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