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44/52 – Home Sweet Home

November 4, 2012

44/52 - Home Sweet Home

I am a homebody. I love being at home and I like my house to be just so.  Otto cares that it’s clean and I care that it’s cozy and homey.  That’s why I’ve invested over 40 hours in painting the front entrance and upstairs hallway over the past few weeks.  It turns out I hate the colour we chose (actually, I still like the colour on the chip but not on the walls).  It’s supposed to be a warm grey and what we got was a cool grey.  Otto loves it however, so it will stay for at least the next five years.  I’d love to not paint this area ever again given the high ceilings and overwhelming amount of trim and doors.

This month, I’m starting to travel again for work.  I did a same day in and out flight this week, and in a few weeks time, I’ll be leaving for my first conference.  It’s the first time ever that I’ll be away from the Doodle overnight.  And it will be three nights at that.

Coming home with a toddler in the house is super sweet.  She waves and says bye and hi now consistently, and she blows kisses and runs for hugs.  She waits in the front window with the dog to greet you.

In the last month or so, she’s begun kissing my cheek.  It’s a sloppy open mouth toddler kiss that’s so incredibly slobbery and simultaneously sweet.  It melts my heart entirely.  She has the order wrong.  She smacks her lips together as she approaches you, and then opens them as she’s about to plant a kiss on you.

We’ve been working on it.

Since she loves forms of affection so much, Otto introduced her to butterfly kisses and I introduced her to Eskimo kisses (kunik).  We did the more westernized version of touching our noses and rubbing, as opposed to kunik which involves pressing your nose and lip against a cheek and smelling.

When I bring my nose to the Doodle’s, or when she brings her nose to mine, the toddler begins to laugh hysterically. And I might even let a belly laugh escape from my lips.

Of course, we only accidentally snapped this photo because I was taking a different photo when a little someone patted the steps and asked my to sit beside her.

And at another point in time someone got her hands on my keys and quickly scampered up the stairs.

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  1. November 12, 2012 10:45 am

    Those photos are beyond precious!

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