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43/52 – Melancholy

October 28, 2012

43/52 - Melancholy

There’s nothing really melancholic about this photo so to speak.  It was taken on the only non-gloomy, non-rainy, non-cool day this week.  This photo is the anti-melancholy (yet again, showing my skills in stretching the boundary of the theme when I don’t manage to find something that actually speaks to it).

It was harder to work with the glorious fall light than I thought it would be.  Again, I was reminded that I definitely need a polarizing lens.  I do love how you can see – if you look closely – the dandelion seeds flying through the air.

This was the Doodle’s first encounter with a dandelion.  The field was rife with them.

Can you think of a caption for this photo, other than “What is this thing my mommy put in my hand?”  She kind of looks apprehensive about the plant based matter.

And then of course we automatically assume it’s edible.  Thank goodness that big brother was along for the walk and could show her what to do with it…that is when he wasn’t up in a tree, running around with her wagon in circles, begging me to push him in a toddler’s wagon, or covering his sister in leaves.

Bella got a job.  She’s a dog walker.  We accidentally ran into her in the park.  This is what the Doodle’s face looks like when she sees her big sister.

Here’s a few final photos from our late afternoon walk.  The leaves are gone now, so I’m glad we got one last chance to linger a bit longer in the glory that is fall.

What goes up must (and does) eventually come down.  And if you eat all your fishie crackers the container is good for storing leaves (which like the dandelions are not edible as we discovered) for later.

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