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40/52 – Lost

October 6, 2012

40/52 - Lost

Lost.  Peekabo.  Hide and seek.

Daycare closed on Friday for a PD day and this meant I was seconded to my parenting role (and simultaneously had a 4th day tacked on to our already long weekend…go Thanksgiving!)

Near the end of my maternity leave, a group of us queer moms with babies began to get together on a weekly basis and the group has added and subtracted numbers as more parents have had babies and others have had to return to work.  The Doodle was the oldest kiddo in the group of the most recent gayby boom in our city.

I was hopeful that I’d get in a fall hike with the group on Friday, but alas, all except one mama had scheduling conflicts.  She suggested an in-town trail which I agreed to apprehensively.  My apprehension had nothing to do with the company or the trail. My apprehension was around west bound traffic on the Friday afternoon of a long weekend in a government city where I knew our major highway would back up earlier than usual.  The thought of sitting in non-moving traffic with a toddler who would likely meltdown at some point caused me to break out into a clammy sweat.

It was a beautiful day and I threw caution to the wind and was beautifully rewarded for my efforts (after taking a back route, which was less busy, but still transformed what should have been a 20 minute drive into an hour-long ply-the-toddler-with-snacks-and-dance music car ride).

The Jack Pine Trail (park at P9) is not only beautiful, but there are tame birds who will eat from your hand.  It was amazing.  And, given that the Doodle loves birds, the two hours in the woods with chickadees swooping down to eat bird seed out of your hand captivated this toddler’s complete attention.

The late afternoon fall light was perfect for taking photos, as were the extensive board walks and adorable toddlers who ran non-stop.

I lost the Doodle’s attention near the end of our adventure and she took off in a mad dash for the woods.  She wasn’t really lost, but certainly did like the feeling of disappearing behind the tree and then peeking out to see if she was missed.

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  1. October 10, 2012 10:17 pm

    what a lovely place and photos.

  2. October 12, 2012 12:34 pm

    Miss Doodle is so FOUND!

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