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37/52 – Flow

September 17, 2012

37/52 - Flow

Sometimes you have to go with the flow.

The Doodle is obsessed with bumble bees which she first discovered in her favourite book Lily’s Potty.  It turns out that it wasn’t the potty narrative that captured her imagination, but the bumble that appears when Lily searches for her potty in the garden.

As soon as Lily’s Potty is in her hands, the Doodle has to flip to the middle of the book where she excitedly shouts ‘bumble,’ ‘bumble,’ ‘bumble’ over and over again.  She’s even started to make a buzzing noise.

As fall has circled around, the sedums are in full bloom in the garden.  Bumble bees just love sedums and you can find the entire pink plant covered with bees collecting pollen on a sun-kissed fall day. We wanted to transition the toddler from seeing the drawing of an insect in a book to knowing that it was a real creature.

We pointed out the bees to the Doodle who went nuts.  She loved those bees and wanted to pet them despite our repeated warnings that petting bees was not a good idea.

Instead, Otto used her creatively ingenious mind and captured one of them in a jar so that the Doodle could have a hands-on exploration and observation of her very own real, live ‘bumble.’

She was over-the-moon excited when we first showed her the bee. Is that a BUMBLE!!!

Then the inquisitive observation began.  What is that in there?  She was silent for a bit.  Just soaking it all in.

You must look at your pet bee from all angles.  What’s on his belly?  What’s on his feet? What makes him fly?

No bees were harmed in this toddler observation and exploration activity.  We all went inside while Otto let it go.

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  1. mamaandmummy permalink
    September 22, 2012 6:08 pm

    I love this! She does look so excited and engaged. That is how kids should be learning! What a clever idea to put it in the jar for her.

  2. September 24, 2012 11:29 am

    What a clever little girl! And what a cool way to let her safely learn more about her new favorite thing. You can practically see the little neurons connnecting in these pictures.


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