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33/52 – Light

August 19, 2012

33/52 - Light

The nursery is my favourite room in our home.  But it wasn’t always this way.

When we had to reorganize our space in anticipation of the Doodle’s arrival, our eldest moved to a new bedroom in the basement and I set about decorating and preparing this room for an infant. It wasn’t until I spent more time in this room over the past year, that I realized why I love it so: The light is spectacular.

It’s a second floor room, south-west-ish facing and it’s lovely to bask in at every hour of the day.  It’s become my favourite place to snap photographs as I have fallen into natural light photography.

I was also able to capture these shots today.  The light is fantastic in this one of Bubaloo, and it’s one of the best pictures I have of him as a teenager thus far.

In good part it’s the best photo I have of him because he’s not making a ridiculous silly face and I managed to capture this before he let his sillies loose.

Then there is this rampant display of sibling affection.  While the Doodle is enraptured with her fishie book that her brother dotingly read to her, he is just in love with her.  You’ve never guess that there’s over a decade between these two in how they relate to one another.

But enough about the light.  What you must really be curious about why the Doodle is sitting on the potty.

Let’s start about how a potty even got into our photo shoot in the first place.

The Doodle had been showing some signs of potty-readiness in July.  Not enough to potty train, but enough to warrant having one around the house and to begin to embark on some potty learning.  It was going really well, until we started a bathroom reno in mid-July. Our basement bathroom isn’t big enough for a potty, so we put the potty in the Doodle’s room for the interim and put potty learning on the back burner.

At the same time as we started potty experimentation, we also bought the Doodle the book above.  It’s a really simple, rhyming book with fold out flaps and the Doodle loves it.  She pulls it off of the shelf for us to read over, over and over again.  And over again.

So when I placed the potty on the floor to take a funny picture of her stuffies on it, the Doodle picked up her potty book and quickly took her rightful perch.  She then let me know it was time to take off her diaper (which was soaked) and she sat on her potty for a while reading her potty book.  While the Doodle was content to read all about Lily’s poo and pee, she wasn’t really interested in making either of those herself.

Potty time was over.

During another part of the shoot, the Doodle changed clothes.  Well, she decided she wanted a different shirt.  We got one shirt off, but didn’t get another one on again before book distraction took place again.

What is better that delicious light to illuminate lovely toddler chub?

And, of course, since we’re no longer nursing at night (hey, this post was interrupted by a Doodle who had accidentally rolled out of bed, and I was able to just walk in there, pick her up, cuddle her for a few minutes, and it was like she never was out of bed in the first place), we’re nursing a bit more during the day.  It was close to nap time here, she was exhausted, and just wanted to nurse.

Here she is, breastfeeding, at nearly 17 months old.

While this isn’t a particularly good photo of me, actually I think it’s totally unflattering, there’s something about it I like.  Despite the fact it’s overexposed (um, learned a good lesson about shooting on manual and not checking in on the shutter speed…whoops!).

If the image were of someone else I’d love it.  In the least, if the image were of someone else, I would have been behind the camera and would have fixed my settings 😉


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