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29/52 – Contained

July 21, 2012

29/52 - Contained

This kid is the antithesis of being contained.  She can’t sit still.  She can’t stop moving.

As we waited in the vast empty parking lot on a hot late summer afternoon for the camp bus transporting her brother to arrive, we gave her free reign of a rectangular lot bounded by a road to the north, a shopping mall to the east, a 400 series highway to the south and weeds to the west.  There were limits to where she could explore, but there are countless thrills to be found on strewn on the ground.  The key is to be faster than the toddler to prevent unidentifiable bits of garbage from making it into her mouth.

She waited and waited, but she didn’t know for what.  A bus appeared, and that was pretty exciting.  And then the brother who she hadn’t seen in three weeks stepped off that bus and she couldn’t contain that excitement.  She was so thrilled that she marched in place.  This was quickly followed by a squeal of delight, a hug, and the demand to go ‘up up.’

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