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27/52 – Connected

July 8, 2012

27/52 - Connected

Sometimes this weekly photo project feels like an English assignment from school. A great literary quest to find meaning, allusions, symbolism and all of that other kind of interrogation that one does in English Literature to make sense of a text.  I spent many a night fabricating and forging connections between the written text and modern life.

As we enter the third week of what seems to be the never ending daycare cold, we’re all having a hard time keeping up with life, never mind documenting it.

I took out my camera once this week and I had two themes to choose from: Connection or handmade. In the spirit of how I used to be able to do a pretty fine job working  the lens of an English major, I’ll try to accomplish that here.

We introduced the Doodle to the sprinkler for the first time this week.  It’s dry and hot here.  Not an ounce of humidity in the air which is very unlike any other summer I’ve experienced in the nation’s capital.

The grass is dead, my flower garden’s are dead and there’s dust flying everywhere as the dog digs an endless number of holes in our backyard.  It’s too hot to think here most days if you’re not in an air conditioned space.

The Doodle, however, is not a toddler to be contained.  All she wants to do is play outside.  She’s actually worse than the dog for waiting by a door on the off chance that she could magically escape should it open up.

When we head out of doors in that space between daycare pickup and dinner time, I try to find fun cool things to do.

While the Doodle has loved water thus far when it is in pools, lakes, oceans and baths, our one trip to the splash pad was a monumental fail.  She stood there and cried and cried and cried.  We’re not sure if she took issue with the shooting water or how cold it happened to be.

The backyard sprinkler was another attempt at introducing spraying water.  And she liked it, sorta.

The Doodle was fascinated with uncovering where the water was coming from.  I think all kids love to stop up a sprinkler and then suddenly release it to have it spray down on them.  The Doodle is no exception.

She had to figure out that the water was connected (a pretty good stretch, huh?) to the sprinkler.  Which she did.  She used her tiny little fingers to block the flow of water, and when she suddenly pulled her fingers away, she promptly managed to spray herself in the eye.

The water is connected to the hose, which is connected to the sprinkler, which is connected to the water that sprays up into the air.

It’s not so much fun to get sprayed in the face, but it’s pretty amusing for the grown ups to watch you figure out how the world works!

One should always first explore with trepidation and caution.  Mom must first show me it’s okay.  And the good thing about toddlerhood is that I now know to use my hands, and not my mouth, as the first point of my body to interact with something new.

Sprinkler water is yummy!

The best summer discovery of all is that it looks like the Doodle will inherit my curly hair.  That is super good news

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