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26/52 – Play

July 1, 2012

26/52 - Play

The physicality of this toddler demands constant play and movement.  The good thing is that you can turn anything into an entertaining game.

Our eldest daughter is an artist. Back from camp for a brief few days between staff orientation and when the summer session starts, we surprised her with a visit to the National Gallery and special tickets to the Van Gogh exhibition.

Bella was over the moon and introspectively strolled from painting to painting.  She was quiet, thoughtful and pensive.

The Doodle on the other hand maniacally climbed up and down her stroller, was in and out of it and wanted to run freely around in the gallery space.  I spent  more time keeping my eyes on the roaming toddler than I did looking at the art.  Generally, Otto and I tried to keep her occupied so that our eldest daughter could enjoy her much anticipated exhibition.

An hour of looking at paintings pushed the Doodle to her threshold, so we exited the exhibition to wait for our daughter.  The open space was perfect for the toddler to burn off some energy and she charmed all of the passerbys as she ran around in circles.

We created a spontaneous game of run between the mommies.

At this moment, the Doodle was intercepted by her big sister and thrilled to pieces when her Bella appeared right in front of her very eyes.

I love watching the Doodle and her Mama together. They have an incredibly sweet and special bond.  The Doodle loves to play and goof around with her Mama.

Grandma showed up for a short visit on her way home from vacation, and the Doodle wanted to play some more.  Only she had been up late the night before and slept poorly due to the cold-that-never-ends and teething.

It was only 11am, and naptime isn’t usually until 12pm, so we thought we’d kill some time with a trip to the swings.  The Doodle loved to swing and signed for more, more and more.

But this is her tired face.  Can you see those droopy eyelids?  The kid almost fell sleep in the swing, so we tossed her back in the wagon and walked speedily home from the park yelling excitedly in bursts to keep her awake.  We were laughing and being goofy trying to wage a battle against her gigantic head nods.  I’ve never seen the Doodle so tired in her life.

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  1. July 5, 2012 9:38 pm

    Sounds like a fabulous day! And I particularly love the first shot.

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