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25/52 – Captured From Above

June 24, 2012

25/52 - Captured From Above

Literally speaking, the theme this week is supposed to be about the photographer’s perspective.  But I couldn’t help myself when the Doodle climbed up on a play structure and explored the world through a plastic bubble.  With her face pressed against it she checked out the world from a new vantage point – one that was above it all.

Does anyone else think that June is the craziest month? Every year we struggle to keep up with the insane schedule that comes in advance of summer vacation preparation – last days of school, parties, graduation, numerous big projects, out of town guests, piles of work, household stuff, and just plain ole family time.  I’m so glad that my kids no longer do spring sports.

This gives us time to go to the park.  We seem to hit a park up once a week now that the Doodle is a toddler.

Bella is now gone for the summer, well, with the exception of a brief return home next weekend.  We’re a family of four which is odd.  Otto and I run around the playground with the Doodle.  Bubaloo swoops in for a bit of fun, and then he goes and climbs a tree.  He’s leaving for camp next weekend and I don’t know what the Doodle will do without him.

So for now, the Doodle plays with her brother. And only her brother.  She adores him as much as he adores her.  He’s so awesome at being her playmate.

The Doodle also turned 15 months today.  The last month has been marked by a huge language explosion.  Shoes, light, door, uh oh, eyes are some of her favourite words this month.

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  1. July 2, 2012 9:28 pm

    Very cute photos – especially love the first one.

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