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24/52 – Portraits Without A Face Visible

June 17, 2012

24/52 - Portraits Without A Face Visible

Sometimes you have to work with whatever you have handy.  Lately that’s been my iPhone.  It’s too difficult to carry my Nikon and wrangle a toddler.  Or it’s too difficult to keep the expensive Nikon away from the Doodle-of-destruction.

School is almost over and summer is right around the corner.

Bella is preparing to be gone for the entire summer.  She nailed a job as a camp counselor.  On Friday she’ll be gone for 9 weeks.  Whoa.

Bubaloo has two weeks of school left, or 8 more alarm clock wake up days (I have a colleague retiring on the same day, so they keep the countdown going).  He’s away at camp for half of the summer, and the other half he’ll be at home/traveling with us.

The big kids begged to go strawberry picking.  It’s something we do every year (we say we do it every year, but we went once as a family, Bubaloo and I went two years ago, Bella, Doodle and I last year, and this year all five of descended on the strawberry field early Sunday morning).

It was sunny and warm with a breeze blowing across the field.  The Doodle toddled up and down the row, while the four of us managed to pick 12L of berries in 30 minutes.

Getting to the field was more of an adventure than the picking itself.  Cranky kids, unmedicated kids, kids yelling at one another, toddler screeching.  You know a typical family activity.

But it was nice to do something all together as a family of five.  And it’s the last thing we’re going to do together as a family of five until September.

The adventure began with a quick trip back home to get a certain kid with ADHD his meds.  By the time we drove to the gas station 5 minutes from our house and filled up the tank we realized something was wrong.  Very, very, very wrong.  It’s pretty incredible how one kid can irritate a car full of people that quickly.

The Doodle just loved the fact that she could pick a berry right out of the basket to eat.  She gorged her little tummy on fresh strawberries.  And then she figured out that she could pick them herself.  Thank goodness we were done picking by that time.

What a far cry from last summer when I went picking with Bella and the Doodle.  The Doodle was only 3 months old then and didn’t appreciate my bending down with her in her wrap.  And she was never one to be left alone in a car seat.  So that time, Bella pretty much picked alone while I stood and kept her company.

Bubaloo likes eating strawberries and looking at them.  He likes telling you where all the ripe ones are.  He’s just not so much into doing much of the picking.  He decided to help Bella fill her basket.  Otto and I managed to fill our baskets while wrangling a toddler and we were still done before him and his sister.

Bubaloo only really likes picking strawberries because fresh strawberries turn into homemade jam.  Jam that he cannot get enough of.  Which he really likes to help make.  He made a whole batch on his own this year.

I like to think if there was an apocalypse or something and Bubaloo was one of the few surviving souls that in the least he would know how to can food.  Preserving food is a useful skill.

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  1. June 17, 2012 10:18 pm

    Very nice toddler photography!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. June 19, 2012 10:41 am

    Oh my goodness, how cute are they all! I love this! Hey, can I ask what you’re using to watermark your iPhone pictures? I like the one you’re using and haven’t gotten around to downloading something for myself.

    • June 20, 2012 8:07 am

      I wish I could say it was something fancy or even a time saver (it’s not), but I’m using the Polish and Protect actions from Paint the Moon. You can get them for free from her facebook page.

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