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23/52 – Solo

June 10, 2012

23/52 - Solo

The Doodle is fascinated with doors. Open and close. Open and close. I guess it’s a good thing that the door handles in the upstairs portion of our home are lower than usual. They’re just within her reach. Because she’s all about independence and doing things on her own. Solo. God forbid you help her open or close a door. She runs from room to room opening and closing doors.

It was bath time and Otto had the Doodle stripped down. As Otto was in the bathroom running the water into the tub, the Doodle was sprinting from room to room opening and closing doors. It got a little quiet. A little too quiet.

Otto went to our bedroom, to the nursery, to the bathroom and back again. She couldn’t find the Doodle anywhere. She had just vanished.

As Otto was standing in the hallway perplexed, the linen closet door opened. And behind it was the Doodle. All on her ownsome she had opened the door, stepped into the closet, and then shut herself in. The Doodle thought this was hilarious. Peekaboo!!! (But, she roars at people, so when she opened the door she roared at Otto).

How important are doors to this toddler? The Doodle loves them so much that her new word this week was door. “Durrr.”

This is how we discovered that the Doodle was in the closet. She opened the door just a crack.

After she opens the door, she insists on closing the door. Oh that Doodle.

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  1. June 16, 2012 1:57 pm

    I love it. My little one’s favorite phrase is “I doos it mysef” She’s 2.5 and the only way she wants help is upon request.

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