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22/52 – Bokeh

June 3, 2012

21/52 - Bokeh

When I first got my 50mm lens, I was over the moon with the bokeh in my pics. That was when the Doodle was less mobile and would stay in one place long enough for me to frame her properly. Now, I have less than a second to snap a picture before she’s too close or too far, or she’s running out of the frame to inspect something new.

Here she is, stopped, and about to change directions again. A toddler constantly in motion.

I love the picture below and if I hadn’t of cut off her head (as in, this isn’t framed correctly) maybe it would have been the photo of the week.  I’m thinking of building the Doodle a sandbox in our yard.  I’m just not sure I’ve got enough skills to pull it off!

She’s a pretty expressive child.  This contemplative look is one she wears most of the time as of late.  Thoughtfulness looks like this:

Or it looks like this:

This baby is all about outdoor adventure.  There’s nothing more she loves to do than toddle all over the backyard with her gardening toys in hand.

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  1. mamaandmummy permalink
    June 3, 2012 1:59 pm

    Love these! She is an expressive little thing. Jealous of your backyard! We are looking for houses but finances are really tight so we may be stuck in the condo for a few more years.

    You have a great talent for photography! I know Doodle will love having the record of her childhood when she’s older.

  2. June 3, 2012 11:33 pm

    i wish we had a backyard for the bunny to explore. also, doodle is looking very south asian to me now that i know she’s mixed. funny how that goes, huh?

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