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20/52 – Energy

May 21, 2012

20/52 - Energy

Toddlers never stop moving.  Not even in their sleep.

They’re whirlwinds of never-ending electrical impulses.  They’re mini tornadoes that tear paths of destruction in their discovery of the world.  They’re tiny packages of atoms that collide unleashing their entropic force.

Toddlers more than just exude energy. They are tiny packets of energy.

As a parent to a toddler, it is indeed tiring that you never stop moving.  The toddler is not content to sit still or read a book.  The toddler wants to explore.

This weekend the Doodle was introduced to an entirely new world: the backyard.  It’s not that she hadn’t been there before (she had).  It’s that she’d never been in the backyard in the summer with the ability to independently explore.  Last summer all she was capable of was lying or sitting in the grass.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a recollection of ever having done that.

This year the bipedal child can race around the backyard, play with the dog’s toys, pull the leaves off the fading tulips, take a dip in her little baby pool, roll around in the dirt, and garden.

The Doodle loves her garden shovel (actually, she really loves my garden shovel but I have to hide it from her or she has a fit) and dipping it into the soil.  Not any soil mind you.  Just the soil in this one planter that houses a sole tomato plant.

The thing is, the Doodle doesn’t quite yet grasp the concept of digging despite have been witness to us potting up the entire side yard with herbs.  She seems to think her shovel is a giant spoon.  She dips it into the dirt and then pretends, okay actually, eats off of it.  Or she dips it into her pool and then lets the water droplets fall into her mouth.

Despite the toddler wrangling, and constant need to have some sort of stimulation for her whether that be a new environment or something new in a familiar environment, I’ve never felt more well-rested and relaxed after weekends where I barely have a chance to sit down.

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  1. May 24, 2012 9:05 pm

    Maybe the Doodle’d a future gardner! Great photo

  2. May 26, 2012 8:28 pm

    Love the photo! And the description of life with a toddler. For me there was something relaxing and kind of meditative about moving on toddler time, where “going for a walk” might involve taking an hour to make it to the end of our block because of having to stop and inspect every rock and ant and leaf.

    • June 2, 2012 7:50 am

      Ha! That kind of walk gives me heart palpitations. I think I need to slow down to smell the flowers. If it’s a nature “walk” then observe away. If it’s a walk only with the purpose of getting to a destination, then walk! But I realize as the Doodle is walking around in circles around the main floor of our house, that’s she’s walking for the sake of walking.

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