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17/52 – Mellow Yellow

April 29, 2012

17/52 - Mellow Yellow

Sometimes you just have to get ‘er done. You’ve got to find a window of time to take your photos and use whatever you managed to capture. I’m looking forward to shooting a take-your-breath-away photo at some point in time in the next 30 or so weeks.

In a week that was rainy, cloudy and windy, I waited and waited and waited for the sun to appear. The daffodils have emerged in our front garden, a sure sign that spring is finally here. I couldn’t wait to take the baby outside to introduce her to her first flower.

The weather somewhat cooperated on Saturday. It was sunny, but cool and windy. I didn’t care. When I had ten free minutes, I grabbed my camera and we headed outside. It didn’t work out at all as I had imagined.

The Doodle was not interested in the pretty flowers. There was nothing I could do to entice her. Something else had caught her attention and she was smitten – by dirt. Little pieces of twigs, dead leaves, and bits of soil.

She kept on running her hands through it, picking it up, and then found that her greatest joy was loading it up into the back of her pick up truck.

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  1. May 3, 2012 10:25 am

    these are the get ‘er done shots?

    love them!

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