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14/52 – Give Me a Drink

April 8, 2012

14/52 - Give Me a Drink

Given this week’s theme, it was impossible not to take another breastfeeding shot. Despite repeated protests from Otto that I need to stop posting photos of me nursing on the internet, I just couldn’t help myself. This photo was snapped by my son.

The Doodle is now over a year old and we’ve entered extended breastfeeding territory. Initially I thought I’d nurse for a year if possible and then wean as I headed back to work. As I began to read more about weaning when the Doodle turned 9 months old, I discovered that perhaps I didn’t need to wean her at a year.

The WHO recommends breastfeeding until two years of age, babies should only be getting 25% of their food from solids at a year, and the Doodle has developed some challenging food sensitivities notably to dairy and nightshades. In this context, continuing to nurse makes sense, even as it gets more complicated.

Having started daycare last week, our new nursing schedule looks somewhat like this: bottle at 11am of milk I pumped the day before, nurse at 4pm post daycare pick up, nurse to sleep at 6:30pm, nurse on demand ALL NIGHT LONG with the last feeding around 6-6:30am. I’d say she’s getting about 50% of her calories from solids at one year of age.

This past week, the Doodle mastered her second sign – “milk.” This involves opening and closing your fist like you’re milking a cow. Now that she’s figured out that she can make the sign and get some milk, she’s doing it all day long. Even when she doesn’t really want to nurse. She just wants a little drink that lasts less than 10 seconds. Or to wield her power now that she’s comprehending cause and effect.

It was during this impromptu short nursing session that I begged my son to take this photo. The Doodle doesn’t nurse for long periods of time now, and I never know when it’s going to be our last time. I wanted to remember what it was like to nurse a squirmy one-year-old on the side step in the warm sun on a long Easter weekend.

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  1. April 10, 2012 5:32 pm

    That’s such a sweet picture and a sweet habit she’s picked up to sign for a little drink all the time.

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