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12/52 – Vintage Charm

March 23, 2012

12/52 - Vintage Charm

My Gran turned 90 years of age in December and there is something about having almost lived an entire century that gives one a certain perspective on life, or a certain vintage, you may say.

She’s aged pretty well, my Gran. She worked up until her early 80s because she wanted to doing reception and bookkeeping for my uncle’s gas station/garage. She only stopped driving a few years back. She used to take tai chi three times a week, she still takes a weekly drawing class, and when she moved into a retirement home (begrudgingly, albeit) five months ago, she insisted that her treadmill be put in her room so that she could walk daily.

My Gran is a firecracker. So it’s odd to see her be more still these days. She suddenly lost the vision in one eye a few months back, and she doesn’t see so well out of the other. Mentally she’s sharp as a whip, but her body has begun to fail her. She hates that. Despises this part of the aging process. My Gran never aspired to live this long or to get to this age. She thought she’d be lucky to see 80. So every year she lives thereafter is both a blessing and a curse for her.

I cannot imagine not having my Gran in my life. She’s always been one of my biggest supporters. She’s come out for me when others haven’t and has always pushed me to succeed.

I wish we lived closer so I could see her more often and ensure that the Doodle could get to know her Great Gran better. I hope that the Doodle will see my Gran at the time in her life when she’s old enough to make memories.

I’m glad that there’s been time for my Gran to make memories of the Doodle. My Gran is smitten by the stink face and is enthralled by playing with her great granddaughter.

Clap, clap, clap.

Applause for the 90 years that separate these two.

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