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March Break

March 21, 2012

Despite being knocked on my ass by the cold from hell, I was never far from my camera over the past week. As Doodle-gedon winded down, the sickness was caught by the mommies, and we’re still sick 10 days later.  This is possibly the worst cold I’ve ever had.

Two weekends ago marked the beginning of March break.  We were only a little sick then.  The Doodle was still pretty sick, and sick and cranky.  We decided to bask in the sunshine and distract her with a trip to the park.

One minute the baby is happy and content, and the next minute she is crying and we can’t figure out why.

March break presented the perfect opportunity to lounge in our pajamas. With the time change, the light has shifted, and I’m relishing the early morning hours in our bedroom. Since the Doodle went down to one nap, but was still having this wakeful period each night, she slept in for a few days over the March break.

For two mornings, I was able to sneak out of bed at 7am sans-Doodle to enjoy a cup of coffee in silence.  One sleeping baby, two sleeping teenagers, and one sleeping dog.  It was glorious.

When I heard her wake up the first morning, I went upstairs to retrieve the Doodle with my camera in hand.  She was happy to be my muse for a few minutes.

We linger in our pajamas and play in our pajamas.  We clap in our pajamas.

Over the March break I tried to do something with the kids each day.  Only my life got complicated with illness, appointments and job interviews.

We went out to the sugar bush one chilly, dreary afternoon.  It was a sugar bust, really.  By the time we got there at 1:30 pm, the tours had finished for the day, and there really wasn’t much to do.

It’s a times like these that I remember that the only way my kids make memories is through food.  They don’t really remember so much what we did as much as what we ate.

I got them some maple taffy.  That’s how they talk about the sugar bust trip.

I took them to a place where there was nothing to do and all I got them was one lousy maple taffy stick.  They don’t talk about the mud, the ass-cracking wagon ride, the hike in the woods, my interpretation of the maple process or the corn maze.  It’s all about the candy.

This past weekend, my mother and grandmother came for a visit.  My gran is 90 and I’m always conscious that every time I see her that this could be the last time I see her.  I’ve been saying this for years now.  She’s feisty and spirited and stubborn.  But she’s also become resigned in her old age and is frustrated by some of her declining abilities.  Now that she’s lost her vision in one eye, and the other eye is declining, she feels trapped in her uncooperative body.

She’s beautiful and playful.  She’s still pretty sharp.  I want the Doodle to know her as much as possible and to have as many photos of them together as I possibly can.  My Gran was absolutely smitten by the stink face.

There’s something I love about the snippets of her hands in this photo.

Grandma also came with a present for Doodle’s first birthday. I took off for hot yoga on Sunday morning and I came home to an assembled wagon.

Her big brother wheeled her around and around the block.  She laughed and laughed.  It was the best thing ever.  It was even better when he strapped in tigger, a gift from her uncle, to join her in the adventure.

While the wagon was a hit, the box has had even more entertainment and play value.  At first for the big kids in our house (ahem, adults) and then for the Doodle.


This is one of my favourite pictures of them all.  We took the whole family to the park to bask in this glorious weather we’re having.  Swing!!!


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  1. March 21, 2012 1:13 pm

    I love this recap. It looks like a fabulous week! The picture with your grandmother is amazing.

  2. March 21, 2012 1:56 pm

    love this. your week, the pictures. fabulous!

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