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March 9, 2012

Over the past 72 hours, we’ve been reminded what it’s like to have a newborn in the house.  And it isn’t pretty when it’s your nearly-a-toddler baby keeping a schedule of sleeplessness that is far worse than anything she ever dished out as a newborn at her peak of 6-8 week fussiness.

As many people around me are contemplating their second baby, I cannot fathom how one could be pregnant and still function with a wee one this age.  It terrifies me.  But it also piques my curiosity.  Is the Doodle really such a challenging baby?

We hit the perfect storm of horrible this week.  The runny nose that appeared on Tuesday turned into a full-blown cold overnight accompanied by a low-grade fever.  While we’ve had a runny nose here and there, but this is a full on stuffy nose of the blowing snot bubbles variety.  The kid looks completely wrecked so I’m thinking she feels pretty crummy and her throat hurts, too.

Then there was the sudden onslaught of drool with lots of intense chewing and crankiness.  When she cut her two bottom incisors last week we barely even noticed.  Looking at the teething schedule reveals that her first year molars are up next.  I’ve heard those aren’t pretty.

With a head full of fluid, the poor Doodle is having difficulty nursing and eating.  She takes a couple of sucks before she unlatches to breathe, so we’re back to take 45 minute nursing sessions.  I like breastfeeding, I really do.  But if the constant latching and unlatching wasn’t uncomfortable enough for me, the Doodle then likes to use her 8 teeth to chew on my nipple while she breathes and contemplates relatching.  Can you say ouch?

We’ve also been working a new milestone which should be ushered in with much celebration: walking.  Our little Doodle has taken her first baby steps!  She did it for the first time last week when she just let go of a door she was cruising on to come to me.  Yesterday morning, all full of snot, she did it again.  We’ve all been encouraging her and she’s been taking little toddles here and there.  It’s pretty awesome and I’ll post the link to a video later.

To add some more to the mix, we’ve been having increasing difficulty with two naps and a reasonable bed time and we’ve been toying with transitioning her to one nap.  She kind of decided on her own that she needed to try that out this week.  So, we’re trying to re-schedule the Doodle.

All of the sickies, teething, walking, and nap consolidation have led to major night time sleep disruption.  She’s cranky and tired, but in pain and uncomfortable, so she can’t get to sleep, or when she finally does go to sleep, she can’t stay asleep.  She’s clingy and wants to be held all of the time.  Usually being in my arms is enough of a comfort for her, and if that doesn’t work, nursing usually does the trick.  Nothing in my bag of tricks is currently cutting it.  The poor Doodle just screams her head off all day and night.  Even at night in her sleep she cries out.  The only thing that seems to keep her somewhat content after 8pm is being in the carrier with Otto while they dance to music in the darkened kitchen.

We’re an entire household of walking sleep zombies. And this is only what’s happening with one of five family members so there is a lot going on in the background that requires additional attention and focus.

I know, too, that this is a phase and it shall pass.  Just please pass quickly, okay?

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  1. March 9, 2012 1:53 pm

    bunny has his first full blown snotmonster cold, too. it sucks. he’s getting better now, but i’m, so glad he got super sick over the weekend because cluster nursing and being held became nonnegotiables. i’m glad i was home to help him through that.

    the snot persists and he has a cough now, but is much less clingy and more cheerful. i guess that means he’s feeling better?

    all this to say doodle sounds perfectly normal to me! 🙂

  2. mamaandmummy permalink
    March 9, 2012 6:13 pm

    Poor little doodlebug. 😦 No words of advice here, just wishing you good luck that it’s over quickly. Sick kids are the worst. Can I get your password? mamaandmummy at gmail, please. Thanks!

  3. March 9, 2012 8:50 pm

    For what it’s worth, I remember the nap consolidation phase being rough, but it didn’t last long. There were a few weeks when our son really needed more than one nap but less than two, but he settled into one nap pretty quickly.

    And yikes! Cold + nap consolidation + teething + new skills all at once??? No wonder you’re all having a rough time. Maybe this means you’re due for a mellow patch once she gets this all out of her system?

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