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8/52 – Game On!

February 24, 2012

8/52 - Game On!

I struggled with my photo this week.  It wasn’t for a lack of opportunity, I just couldn’t get the shot I wanted.

When the them of Game On! was announced, I immediately knew that I wanted to capture my son and youngest daughter playing together.  I whipped out my camera while they were playing peekaboo, and again when he build her this enormous pillow fort to crawl through.  I also snapped a few pictures of them playing with her toys.  The moments of them together were great, only my photos less so.

Today they had an after school snack together. He had apples with peanut butter and honey, while she just had plain apple.  Like anything they do together this quickly turned into a game.  She teased him with her apple slice and pretended to share.  He pretended to gobble it out of her hand.

Best buddies these two are.  He adores and dotes on his baby sister.

The other theme of the week was simplicity.  I wanted to capture simplicity as an emotion, but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it.  Wifey says these two photos don’t really fit the theme.  I like them anyway.

There’s something about baby fingers and whole foods.  Pure and unprocessed food.

The Doodle loves her apples and has been munching on them early since her adventures in solids.  In one of the the earliest pictures I have of her with food she is sitting in her stroller noshing on an apple freshly picked off a tree.  We took a baby-led weaning approach to food which mostly worked well for the Doodle.  She’s never had a problem with lumps or chunks or any kind of solid.  But she’s also not always into feeding herself (or she doesn’t like dirty fingers, who knows) and loves to eat from a spoon.

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  1. mamaandmummy permalink
    February 26, 2012 1:08 pm

    How cute, the two of them teasing each other. Big brothers are awesome. 🙂 BLW is going great for us, too. Juju likes to feed herself, but loves being fed, too. We’re just going with the flow. Love her chubby fingers with the apple.

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